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    It is so sad

      What this game has become. I played this game like it was my job the year it came out. I had over 30 days game time, 100,000+ many more kills, was in the top 100 overall for all the leaderboards and top 10 for all war leaderboards. Back when the game was fresh there was competition and it took much more skill to do well in this game than it did in the last 3 Call of duty games. This game will forever be my favorite COD game and what to me the standard was set in online MP.


      So i decided to pop this game back in my console about 2 weeks ago, After spending the last couple of years playing MW2 and now MW3. Well i cant believe the garbage that is going on in this game. Activision and treyarch should be ashamed of this and with ZERO title support it has to be the worst online experience i have ever seen on xbox! Forget the leaderboard problems. Everything is hacked and the game is unplayable. First game i got into, someone called in dogs right from the start. 2 guys flying around the map and worst of all. GOD MODE. You cant kill anyone! Now i can see maybe 1 or 2 kids doing this as a joke, But to come across it in every lobby and to see people with god mode on actually taking the game seriously is ridiculous.


      I will never again be putting this disc into my xbox. But for the largest gaming franchise in xbox history to not take notice and get a few employees together to make a patch for this game is beyond me. How much money and time can it really take to do it? This is not for only the few die hard players i still saw in the game, but for future title owners as well. People who have recently discovered COD and would like to go back and play some of the older titles. If this cant be done, i would say just shut off the game servers for this title.

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          Re: It is so sad

          Hi, I myself who used to play this game all the time. I indeed have around 25 days played agree that this is one of the better COD's and one that really shines. I have the best memories on this game, I remember playing with my brother and cousins. One of which who is now going into middle school and the others? Off to college, both of them don't play due to the terrible new Call of Duty games. I find it laughable that now the current teenagers think that this game is actually good!


          I think it is remarkable that this praise for IW is still onliving from the COD4 game. Each game they produce is weak and non-delivering, it was the only good game. COD4 was a risk. It changed Call of Duty forever. WaW however gave more life and a well rounded game and surely a game that is easily surpassed due to its predecssor.


          I myself haven't gotten into any of these lobbies in the past few days. Perhaps one person was hacking, all I do is just report them. Treyarch won't fix the game unless a big enough petition is handed out, they're not going to sell this game anymore if they don't fix it. People will just return it a local gamestop.


          I am sorry you are experiencing this. Hopefully they will open up their eyes and go back to the roots of CoD WW2 and deliver an exciting Call of Duty.

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              Re: It is so sad

              Personally i have really grown to like the IW mw series. I think the game play is fast, exciting and very good connection ( for me ). With the exception of a couple of BS things in both MW2 and MW3 they are both very good games. There is always going to be something that someone does not like about a particular game.


              But like i said before. There is no reason at all why world at war needs to be in this state of play. treyarch needs to assemble a small team and patch these issues. Even if it cost them a few bucks, it is something they NEED to do. The hacks and mods that are in waw and even COD4 are things that would never be tolerated or ever allowed to happen in any other online game to my knowledge. I am also completley floored that Micrsoft has not stepped in to make this happen. They have always had a zero tollerence for cheating, glitching and boosting. If you get caught doing anything in MW3 or blops, it is a instant ban or reset of stats. sometimes on the devs end or on M$'s end.

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              Re: It is so sad

              I don't understand how hard it is to fix! Can't be that much money!

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