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    Dead Ops Arcade in Black Ops II?

      Hello, my Gamertag/PSN ID is Thee Frenzy/Thee_Frenzy and I am one of the many players who cant stop playing Dead Ops Arcade on Black Ops. I have been playing it since I got the game (December 2010) and I am ranked at round 99 on the leaderboards and have the world record of round 136 (no glitch). I am obsessed with the game and no matter how much I play I still cant get enough of it. My question is would you want Treyarch to do what they did in Black Ops where they threw in DOA (A random arcade zombies map) with the other zombies maps or would you rather have them not waste their time?  I personally would love to see another map just like DOA in Black OPs II, and I would be extrememly pumped if the did remake DOA, although we all have our own opinions so yours might be different.





      As for my Legit DOA Gameplay you can go to yotuube.com/TheeFrenzy