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    7,000,000 - Another Joint Effort

      As you may or may not have heard, CoD HQ offers a free Harrier Fighter Jet for any user who comes up with 7,000,000 points. Let's be honest; gathering up this many points alone is impossible, especially with the roadblocks in point-accumulation that arise here so frequently. But that doesn't matter anymore, because I've got a plan.


      If we put together all of the points from all of the users in Off-Topic, then we might have enough to win the harrier. We have tried a thread like this before, but came up short after a few weeks.


      I'll keep track of the progress we make here in the OP. If you want to make a contribution, just make a post that includes the number of points you have, and in turn you get... partial ownership of the harrier when the time comes.



      Edit 1: 7685/7,000,000

      Edit 2: 22371/7,000,000

      Edit 3: 24394/7,000,000

      Edit 4: 152990/7,000,000




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