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    Modded Lobby

      I was playing yesterday, messing around playing game modes i don't usually play to do some challenges.


      I got a friend invite, from a random and i did my usual thing, i just said if you want to join clan do it on the forum blah blah blah.


      He kept sending me game invites, and in the end i join into a private match with him.


      Couloured Classes, not fussed about that! then air drops every few secods, and then whole screen went like it was a Themal Scope.


      This was in a private match but if they can do it there does it mean they can do it in Multiplayer?


      By the way i have already flagged this to bancandy IW and Activision.

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          Re: Modded Lobby

          Morole of this story is to never accept invites from randoms. Someone kept sending me invites the other day, in the end I told him to f**k off.


          If the game goes the same way as MW2, I'm trading it in.

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