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    How does IW consider these spawns anywhere near acceptable?

      There are many things wrong with MW3, many problems that need to be fixed.  However, no problem in this game is bigger than the mind-blowingly broken spawn system.  I don't know how the IW devs can play this game and watch enemies consistently spawn 5 feet away from them in the SAME DAMN ROOM over and over again and be perfectly okay with it.  Months ago they would say "we are looking into possible ways to improve spawn system logic" so they at least acknowledged there was some issue, but there has not been any spawy system updates and they aren't even talking about possibly updating anymore, so it seems they are sending the message that this is simply the way the spawn system is going to stay.  I took a 1 month break from this game because of many problems but it was mostly the spawn system that was the straw that broke the camel's back.  I couldn't take it anymore.  I put the game back in for about 2 hours today to give it another shot and after about 5 games I was literally fuming with rage because of the spawns, and I probably will put the game back on the shelf for another 2 months now.


      IW/SH, fix your sh*t.