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    Evacuated Gaming is a new clan. *Everyone is welcome!* *Xbox Clan*

      Attention New Recruits!


      1. eG is looking for active members! We want to make sure you're in the right place, and want you to have a chance to meet our members. After you have signed up, if you don't visit the site for 5 straight days we'll assume you're not interested in the clan anymore and will remove your account. Also, we'd like for you to jump into the forums and start getting to know everybody.  This will enable to you meet some members, set up games, and get to know who we are.


      2. We're a different kind of clan - we are here for fun and too meet new people!


      3. We're gamers - let's game! We'll post on the forums with a game-night reminder. We'd like for you to game with the clan so that you can experience what eG has to offer, and so we can make sure that we're a good fit for each other.


      4. If you've shown that you're going to be an active member - as described above - you'll be promoted to a full member of eG.

      We are excited that you're applying for membership to Evacuated Gaming! Welcome aboard!!!!


      Are you tired of random teams on CoD? Problem solved!

      Join Evacuated Gaming, and you won't have to put up with those players that refuse to go for the objective.

      We accept all types of players, competitive or casual? We have a place for you!

      Evacuated Gaming, better known as eG, is a Xbox 360 clan, age 15+, that provides a wide variety of gaming experience. eG was established on May 2012.

      Some of the feature you will get to experience as a clan member are:

      -Active forums with many interesting topics

      -Friendly members always willing to party up

      -A chatbox to communicate easily with other members

      -Great overall clan organization

      At eG, we promise you will have loads of fun, and the best clan experience there is to offer. If you're interested in joining, please register and apply at:http://evacuatedgaming.webs.com it just takes a few seconds, and you will not regret it!*

      Warmest regards,