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    Black Ops 2 : Knife And Guns Information

      Hey guys, i was just checking for things online for weapons and stuff for BO2 and i found some pretty intresting stuff that i thought i would share.


      *NOTE: The Following Information ARE NOT mine


      Okay,So Here It Goes....


      Default Knife – takes 2 swipes to kill, you need to put it away, and take it back out like usual.

      Tactical knife – takes 4 swipes to kill, as long as you are pushing the melee button however, it will keep knifing

      Tactical hammer – takes longer to get out, takes 4 swipes to kill, you need to put it away and take it back out like usual, but against riot shields and machines it takes only 1 swipe to destroy.

      Throwing knifes – Start with 4, fast to get out, fairly accurate, but takes 2 to kill and is ranged

      Tomahawks – Start with 2, slow to get out, fairly innacurate, and takes 1 to kill and is ranged

      Ballistic knife – [Disallows use of equipment] – A tactical knife in one hand, while a ballistic knife is in the other. You start with 2 ballistic knives, and they kill in 1 shot. These knives take a moderate time to get out. (With Bladesman on, you start with 3 ballistic knives and one ballistic knife in each hand.)


      AK74 Mp5SD Model 590 Psg-1 Type 67 M973 SA-7 Grail / 9k32 Strela-2
      Ruger Mini-14 PA3(DM) Model 1300 PSL Enfield L7 Steyr GB Stinger
      Type 65 SW M76 Model 1100 SVD M240 Skorpion Redeye
      Valmet M76 Type 64 Spas-12 Model 700 AS70 MEU Arwen 37
      M70 UZI CAWS M76
      Python M26 Grenade
      R1 Rifle Ares FMG Featherlight

      Mini-Uzi HG 84 Grenade
      Valmet M60 AKS-74U Stakeout

      M67 Grenade
      AKM-63 Mac 10 Saiga-12

      Sticky Grenade
      AMD-65 MPL Striker


      Type 64



      Well this is it guys. What do you guys think?



      Source: http://www.charlieintel.com/2012/04/22/more-black-ops-2-details-emerge-for-multi player/