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    A message to Treyarch...

      Please....I beg of you.. Please do not add a crap load of game modes that further fragment the playerbase. I can see the point of your Wager Matches, Gun Games. Yet do not do as the other whatever there name is did and continuously split the base even more. It provides for completely screwed up matchmaking, which in turn cause horrible lag, out of sync moments. Keep it thorough with us and let us enjoy this game with quality matchmaking.


      I cannot even really see the point of DLC lists ( just my opinion), yet I know that some would just like to get better acquainted with the new maps without the others always getting weighted more because not a lot of people having available DLC.


      Also in an attempt to help my MHCGM Comrades. Please assist them in their cause. Would you please guage their responses on this forum with a poll to see what modes they would prefer to have most, and/or added?  I believe you could also direct others (whom for what reason I truly cannot understand) through Twitter or other sources to participate in such polls.


      Thank You...