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    Magic WarFare 3

      I think it is so funny on how many people complain about the different things they feel wrong in this game when they first do not stop and realize they playing a game full of magic and mystery.


      I mean common, your player dies and you magically come back to life some where else on the map with full clothes and weapon read to go again?


      Or how about those magic powers called perks, you can use one that suddenly makes you quiet but yet you are wearing the same clothes as everyone else.


      You got one of those perk things that makes chopper pilots unable to see you anymmore, so they do not shoot you.


      You  have a magic power that suddenly makes you be able to run for a longer period of time as if by magic.


      You magically can find ammunition that fits your weapon even if the person you killed was using a different weapon?


      Lets not forget about the magic ability to hide from any from of electronic surveilance yet you carry no jamming equipment on your body that could do so.


      Lets not forget about how magically your gun knows how to follow someone esle through a building sometimes so you know where they are to shoot at them.


      Lets not forget about the magic box, that can hold almost anything in it. Including a bomb suit that you can put on in mere moments.