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    Ghillie Suits - Why do I not get them on some maps?

      I understand that sometimes the faction you are playing as, for whatever reason don't have Ghillie Suits, but cmon, I'm sniping, I have my Sniper on Rank 31, why am I a skinny black guy (no offence obviously) when I should be covered with a Ghillie?


      Maps like Carbon, Bakaara and more importantly Mission and Village, I sometimes dont get a ghillie why not? Just cos of the faction Im playing as, the same factions that no one gives a crap who they are. And then I watch Hidden Masters vids and such, and sometimes they, not all of them but a couple, would have Ghillies on Bakaara. Very confusing.


      At least in Black Ops you knew if you had Ghost on you had a Ghillie.


      My clan love hiding and it sucks that on some maps were given away by a leg not covered or a head being spotted, call it petty, but if you pick a sniper you'd think you'd be All Ghillied Up, it seems they've done away with "You will now be camoflaged in Artic/Desert/Urban Camo" rank up system thing aswell.

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          Re: Ghillie Suits - Why do I not get them on some maps?

          By using a sniper and getting one shot kills you will unlock the suits for several different map types. It will take about 300 one shot kills to unlock all for each map. Some maps do not have the suits for one faction though. So even if you have it and are using a sniper you may not be wearing it if on the faction that does not get them

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              Re: Ghillie Suits - Why do I not get them on some maps?

              Thank you, thats what I was thinking but I still think its stupid that just because of the faction on a particular map you don't get a ghillie. But, then again, Common Sense never was IWs strong point.


              (Off topic) I mean they took out the pre-game timer and then said they put it back when they didn't. They removed the 3Arc introduced dissapearing flag marker if you were aiming near one. Why? They put assists on the FFA scoreboard, didn't put confirms/denies in KC and removed Caps/Defends from Dom. Need I say more about Common Sense FAIL!

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