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      Looking for some HARDCORE bad a** zombie slayers:


      Basically looking for mature and well developed team based skilled players to form a Zombie A** Kicking Team.


      We would strictly be a Zombie Based Team!

      Focused on playing zombies, achieving Easter Eggs(If Any), and just having some fun.

      Now as i am accustomed to playing with 2 to 3 man teams that is what we shall be running.

      Now as time goes along and members stay. Their will be giveaways and prizes given to those whom stay for a long period of time and when we have tournaments. So on so forth.

      This isnt why i want YOU to join though! I want serious, fun, outgoing, and skilled players!!


      As the time nears i will post further about this and start asking for recruits! Til then feel free to discuss this and any other ideas about this you may have! See ya on the battlefield.


      We will strictly be a Zombie Clan BUT does not mean we will not get together from time to time and play MULTIPLAYER!! So dont let this stop you if your looking for something more than just Zombies. I also play Multiplayer such as: TDM, DOM, CTF, and sometimes variations of HC.

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