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        10. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

        is the objective just cap A and B? or cap All the flags? there really is nothing to disagree with. im not discounting strategy, but your not playing the game, your playing the flaws of the game. legit strat is you go left and ill go right  you cap A  and ill cap B and u cap C  then try and  try to hold all the flags down, not cap 2 flags so you know where the spawn is, thats not the game, at any regard im glad I can get players like you banned now

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          11. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,



          how can you ban somebody for a fail inside the game.  The spawn system sucks balls, we are all aware of that. So why not fix it so spawn camping isn't possible?   since that is too hard lets just break out the banhammer

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            12. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

            ERROR_6_ wrote:


            Wrong I dont care what you call it, spaw contain spawn kill, spawn trap, spawn yankee doodle, play the objective, cap ALL flags thats the objective , not cap b and c  and tlet them have A, so you know where they spawn. thats not fair and its not playing the game correctly. I too have just been runninga nd gunning and see a guy spawn infront of me, no one is saying let them kill you, just dont stick around for the next 5 or 6 , continue with the objective

            Where exacty are the written rules as to what is the "correct" way to play domination?  Is it the correct way because YOU say so?  The objective is to win the game, and the smartest way to do that is to hold 2 flags, while allowing the enemy 1 so that you'll know the general area the enemy will be coming from.  Containing an enemy to an area is just smart play, and if you're being spawn trapped enough to be so upset, you must be really bad at the game.  Good players do not get spawn trapped, you have to be really bad to be spawn trapped to start with.

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              13. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

              i could see baning people for black ops demo spawn traping but mw3 dom spawn traping? are you kidding me.

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                14. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                That link doesn't say Dom trapping. Dom trapping was brought up by the people in this thread.


                The type of trapping that happens in Dom should not be bannable, but the trapping that goes on in game types like CTF, Sabo and Demo SHOULD be a bannable offense.

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                  15. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                  ok with that logic then you should allow and never fix glitches in the game.  your not playing how the game was intended, your just playing on the flaws, it has nothing to do with "How i think the game should be played" its how the game was designed to be played smart one. anyway your logic in "good players dont get spawn trapped" is flawed, basically a good player then is someone who NEVER DIES!.. also im not going to have a convo on a mw3 forum about my skill level compared to yours or anyone else, there isnt a way to prove I can destroy you on here so i wont agrue it. make some sense, develope a legit thought, then start typing lol

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                    16. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                    Trapping is trapping, no matter the game type, if your playing on game flaws, then it is and should be a bannable offense

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                      17. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                      No, trapping is not trapping. In Dom if even one player pushes into the enemy spawn the spawns flip.


                      In CTF and Sabo you can push all you want and the spawns will never flip. CTF and Sabo spawns are static meaning that a team of 4-6 (depending on the map) can kill people right as they spawn.


                      Dom is more map control than anything.

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                        18. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                        correct so that the team has an opportunity to be offenseive.... if you take away the other teams ability to legitimitly be offensive, then its not a fair playing field.. its like 2 pro b asketball teams playing a game, but one team never gets the ball

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                          19. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                          Because that would require work to fix a problem that has been in CODMW1, MW2 and MW3. IW isnt known for its after release work ethics. Example? The entire IW team taking the month of December off while MW2 was plagued by Jav glitches, CP runner, CP glitching and 18 man FFAs on Rust no matter what game mode you chose. Though with teh addition of Sledgehammer, they seem to have picked up the support this time around even though we still have serious lack of communication and no fixes for major issues in this game.


                          Treyarch on the other hand may not be as polished or graphicly spectacular as IW's installments but they provide tremendous support and communication. How much longer until Activision sees this and realizes that great graphics/gameplay and community support benefits both the customer and the company but doesnt have to be seperated?


                          As with most giant corporations (Like Activision and EA), the suits think they know what is best until the game is abandoned (Tony Hawk, Guitar hero, DJ Hero and if they keep milking this series with the same support they havent provided for years, COD will join that list).

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