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        20. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

        ERROR_6_ wrote:


        ok with that logic then you should allow and never fix glitches in the game.  your not playing how the game was intended, your just playing on the flaws, it has nothing to do with "How i think the game should be played" its how the game was designed to be played smart one. anyway your logic in "good players dont get spawn trapped" is flawed, basically a good player then is someone who NEVER DIES!.. also im not going to have a convo on a mw3 forum about my skill level compared to yours or anyone else, there isnt a way to prove I can destroy you on here so i wont agrue it. make some sense, develope a legit thought, then start typing lol

        I don't even know where to start after that post.  I wish I could "develope" a legit thought that I could somehow word so that you might begin to understand it.  You're comparing spawn trapping to glitches in the game, when it's no where close to a glitch.  You hold 2 flags, the game spawns the enemy in the safest location for them, near the only flag they have.  You're the one who said and I quote "its not playing the game correctly".  Since there is no manual stating how the game MUST be played, or not played, then your statement is merely an opinion on how YOU think it should be played.  Of course a good player will die, but good players will not get spawn trapped.  If you have the slightest clue of the coordination and technique involved in properly spawn trapping a team, you'd know it happens to bad players.  But it's clear you don't understand much, so continue to be blissful with your ignorance.

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          21. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

          ERROR_6_ wrote:


          correct so that the team has an opportunity to be offenseive.... if you take away the other teams ability to legitimitly be offensive, then its not a fair playing field.. its like 2 pro b asketball teams playing a game, but one team never gets the ball

          By your logic, many players and parties of players should be banned from playing the game at all.  Since many players on these boards and in the game take away any chance to be offensive as soon as the game starts.  Sorry, they can't start banning people for destroying terrible players.

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            22. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

            Spawn trapping has been a bannable offence in a number of online FPS games...It's not surprising that CoD has now jumped on that, it's about time.

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              23. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

              Thats BS if they start banning people in domination because you are holding 2 flags and dont go after the other flag! The game mode Domination isn't set up to just have everyone run around and be all chaotic, how fun would that be? Capture C, run to B and Capture B, than run to A and try to capture A. and while Capturing A now your losing C! and just have a never ending cycle of that crap.

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                24. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                Did you read anything at all? Holding your position in a Dom game is NOT spawn trapping. Spawn trapping is when you're aiming at a place where enemies will consistenly spawn, giving them no chance at all to react.

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                  25. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                  All i can say is keeping a team spawning in the same spot is good game play.( spawn trapping )..Now spawn killing,as far as killing them before they can move is another.

                  You all can say what you want but if you cant see the difference , you don't play Dom. very well..Every time you cap two flags you pretty much know where they are going to spawn,and as a good team you will hold them two flags and keep them trapped in the spawn.

                  Thats all i was getting at with the original post...Is that is a very slippery slop.

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                    26. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                    The question is did you read anything at all? as people are stating spawn containment and spawn trapping is pretty much the same! Wrong.......


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                    ERROR_6_ wrote:


                    Wrong I dont care what you call it, spaw contain spawn kill, spawn trap, spawn yankee doodle, play the objective, cap ALL flags thats the objective , not cap b and c  and tlet them have A, so you know where they spawn. thats not fair and its not playing the game correctly. I too have just been runninga nd gunning and see a guy spawn infront of me, no one is saying let them kill you, just dont stick around for the next 5 or 6 , continue with the objective

                    Where exacty are the written rules as to what is the "correct" way to play domination?  Is it the correct way because YOU say so?  The objective is to win the game, and the smartest way to do that is to hold 2 flags, while allowing the enemy 1 so that you'll know the general area the enemy will be coming from.  Containing an enemy to an area is just smart play, and if you're being spawn trapped enough to be so upset, you must be really bad at the game.  Good players do not get spawn trapped, you have to be really bad to be spawn trapped to start with.

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                      27. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                      I agree 100% with you wolverinecm71!


                      if you are playing domination and a team is holding flags A & B, and you can't break through there defense to capture another flag than go play a different game type because you obvioulsy do not have the skill it takes to play domination. There is no need to report good players/Clans that are better than you are!

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                        28. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                        A slippery slope is an understatement, as the only real difference between the two is a matter of personal conviction.  The game allows and even favors both behaviors.  It is players who decide whether one strategy is "playing to win" and the other is "going too far."


                        It isn't just that holding two flags and exercising map control is an optimal strategy, it is that the strategy is optimal because MW3's spawn system was so poorly designed and poorly executed.  Dom trappers are taking advantage of issues in the spawn system when they intentionally hold only two flags.  If the spawn system were better designed, a team wouldn't be at their worst when holding one flag, nor would the team holding two flags be asked to throw away certainty for chaos if they make a go for the third.

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                          29. Re: Spawn trapping is a ban-able offence , , WTF, , ,

                          I really doubt they're doing much to enforce this. If they were the CTF leaderboard would have taken a HUGE hit. All fifteen of the top players in CTF are spawn trappers or have spawn trapped a lot at some point. It's the only way to hit the top in CTF. Every player in the top 100 has spawn trapped at some point or still actively does it.


                          Simple fix, monitor the games that take place on Hardhat and Dome. CTF clans always "hardhat shuffle" because it's the easiest map to trap in.

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