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    Can't get into 50 ping matches. Any advise?

      I have 20mb x 5mb vDSL internet service.(20dwn/5up) My ping is always between 21 and 25. My bandwith is in the 3400's. Jitter is 0. My PS3 has a static IP. My DSL modem is ported for MW3 and i'm using a wired connection. I can do ping tests all day long and it's always between 21 and 25 ping. For some reason i can't ever find 50 ping lobbies. If i'm lucky i'll sometimes find 75 ping matches but MOST of the time(8 out of 10),it tries to put me in a 100 or 125 ping lobby. It makes me host almost every game that i start in a fresh lobby. But it's never a 50 ping lobby. Even tho my ping is in the low 20's.


      I called Activision last week and told the guy what was going on and he had no answer for me. So he puts me on hold and asked someone else and their suggestion was for me to play during off peak hours.(like 2 to 6 am). Yeah right. I don't know what else i can do. Century Link has sent several techs to my house and they all say that i have a realy good connection. My ping could be a bit lower than 21 but 21 isin't too bad. It's still way below 50 which should put me in 50 ping matches right? Any ideas or suggestions? I don't know what else to do. Activision doesn't know what to do too. Is the Matchmaking messed up? Anyone else have having this issue?