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    NEW| Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Ideas| 5/16

      NEW| Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Zombies Ideas| Updated!

      *Note* None of these suggestions are acutally 100% Confirmed Information in zombies they are just IDEAS!

      Ranking System
      +Seperate from online BO 2 Multiplayer Data (Your online level)
      +Similar to BO 2 Multiplayer
      +10 Prestiges, 50 levels each, No level increase!
      +Rank Progression can unlock: Double XP 2 Hours (For BO 2 online multiplayer), Double Weapon XP 2 Hours (For BO 2 online multiplayer), Specialized Skills for weapons and your character, Weapon Camos (Zombie mode only, Ex: Red, Blue, Fall, and Gold), Customization for your character (Zombie mode only), Titles, and Emblems
      +No Create-A-Class
      +Any More Suggestions?

      Map Design
      +Similar To Call of Duty: World At War Maps!
      +More Small maps like: Verukkt, and Natch Der Utoten.  New Small Map Ideas: Mansion, Dirtbike track, and a Gas Station.
      +More Huge Maps like: Call of the Dead, and Moon.  New Huge Map Ideas: Football Stadium, Airport, and a Tropical Island.
      +Easter Eggs Alter The Map Design through out the game
      +Elite 2.0 Premuim Users get maps FIRST!
      +Zombie MAP CREATOR?? (For Console but devloped on the PC First)
      +Any More Suggestions?

      Game Types
      +New Types of Zombie game types! (Custimizable Game Options)
      +Hardcore Mode: Players will have No Heads Up Display (Like Crosshairs, Ammo, ect.), Zombies run faster then normal, zombies spawn more frequent, spawn with no points, and Black and white colors till power is turned on, 5 Players instead of 4 cause of the difficulty!(More XP Gained?)
      +Knife/Pistol Only: Players Are only allowed Knifes/Pistols supplied to them but can buy a varity of them off the walls, zombies have less health, run slower, and 5 Players instead of 4 cause of the difficulty!(More XP Gained?)
      +Custimizable Game Setup: Players will gain access to tweak and modify minor changes in the game like: speed of zombies, health of zombies, Boss Rounds Enabled or Disabled, Bonus Rounds Enabled or Disabled, and Character Type?
      +Sorry Still Thinking Of more! Suggestions?

      Boss And Bonus Rounds

      -Boss Rounds-
      +Power must be activated!
      +Every 5 To 7 Rounds
      +Similar To the TANK zombie in Left 4 Dead
      +Tank Zombie will be followed by regular Nazi Zombies
      +Boss Will have: More health, less speed, climb faster, does more DAMAGE, and THROWS OTHER ZOMBIES!
      +Boss Apperance: Very HUGE, Vains Poping out, lots of muscle, and looks like he is under the influence of steriods!
      +Tons Of Points Rewarded to the player that killed the Boss and others who helped (Tank Zombie)
      +The Boss Will Drop three Power-Ups including: Carpenter, Max Ammo, and a free PERK! (Random Perk)

      -Bonus Rounds-
      +Power Must be activated!
      +Every 5 To 7 Rounds
      +Zombies Will run faster, spawn more, less health, take down boards faster, and climb faster!(Only For the Bonus rounds)
      + Double XP Will be Awarded To Players who survive the round and kill zombies, and revive other players!
      +Zombies Apperance will change
      +More Suggestions?

      Point Sharing
      +The Point Sharing Option will be located at the pause menu for all players
      +Point Sharing will be able to all player whenever as long as they have the proper amount of the desire sharing funds.
      +Point Sharing's Amounts will be: 250, 500, 1,000, 1,500, and 2,000
      +Point Sharing can also be disabled or enabled (Will be disabled in Hardcore mode)
      +Ammo Sharing?

      Point/Kill Streaks
      +Similar To MW3 Point streak system
      +Seperate from your currency points
      +Players Can earn points by doing various things like: reviving others, opening doors, linked teleporters, killing zombies (Need To kill more zombies to get points for your streak),killing bosses, activating traps, and surviving rounds!
      +Players will be rewarded with a variety of awards like: Bombing Run, Attack Dogs, Boss Zombie aka the TANK (one your side, helps you kill zombies! TOTALLY RAMPAGE!), Attack Monkeys, Helicopter, Chopper Gunner, and sentry turret
      +Three Different Point Streak Options: Attack (Includes things that will only benefits you and killing zombies harder to get though, have to kill lots of zombies), Support (Awards not only you but your team aswell, easy to get.) Specialist (Lone Ranger, only benefites you and helps you survive, hard to get on a streak, mainly gives you perks)
      +To Unlock More killstreaks you must rank up!

      Lobbby Messaging Feature
      +Players Will have access to a Messaging Button, when in the game lobby, that will send a auto typed message to friends saying what map your playing, the game type, and how many people you need also will send and game invtation.
      +Elite 2.0 Users Only?? (Premuim Users only?)
      +Also can bee used for online private matches in BO 2 Multiplayer

      Weapon And Character Customization

      -Weapon Customization-
      +Players can customize their weapon camos (Example: Red, Blue, Fall, and Gold) for when they buy that specfic gun throughout the game!(Earn Camos by ranking up!)
      +The Players Will be able to select ONE proficiency for only ONE Gun (Only can use ONE proficiency for that game)
      +Players will gain access to a special emblem or clan tag for a specfic gun they choose to put it on (One can use ONE Emblem and ONE clantage per gun, for only ONE gun during that game!)

      -Character Customization-
      +Players have access to all campaign characters (but Full campaign must be beaten) also will still have the Original charaters.
      +Players can unlock certain items to customize their charater to their own desire, but will not effect performance what so ever!
      +Player Will be able to customize: camo type, mask/hat/helmet, tatoos, facepaint, emblem shoulder patches, and other body clothing ect.

      Perk And Weapon Upgrading

      -Perk Upgrading-
      +Players will have the option to Upgrade there perk to PRO at the Perk-O-Rator will cost about 3,500 Points
      +The Perk Will then be Upgraded allowing the playing to do more stuff within that perks ablities
      +Perks Can not be uprgraged in hardcore mode!

      -Weapon Uprgrading-
      +Pack A Punch Will Return
      +Can Now upgrade weapons 2 Times for Max Performance (Also will change apperance again)
      +Will Cost 7,500 For the 2 Upgrade
      +All Guns can now have attachment you can either buy them form the Attach-O-Matic or can possibly get a random attachment from the Pack A Punch (Depending on the gun)
      +Attachments that can be purchased at the Attach-O-Matic: Laser sight, flamethrower,red dot, reflex sight, acog scop, variable zoom, extended mags, gernade launcher, shotgun, and  rapid fire
      +Any more Suggestions?

      Post All Suggestions Below, Please tell me what i can add and what i should take out!