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    some questions and i found new glitches...

      Hey, i just wanted to make this all in one thread, so i dont spam the board just kidding i of course will spam it.


      Questions :


      1 :  what happens if you ragequit?

      2 :  riotshield can you shoot through it at the bottom?

      3 : Anyone interested in playing drop zone with me ? i want to try it again, since i dont hack.

      4 : The unstoppable title, can you legit get it now?


      Glitches :


      1 : i found this out witha scar l red dot nubetube and a ak47 silencer... okay, you use the nubetube but dont shoot, then run and switch weapons fast after each other and you will hold your ak silencer like a nubetube! you can shoot it and zoom in, when you reload its back to normal.


      2 : Can i make the rate of fire of the cm901 with a underbarrel higher ? or is that patched ?


      3 : rate of fire on the pm-9 does this work with rapid fire? or is it broken to, this is a question and glitch so yea lol.


      4 : Sometimes when i open the menu in a game, it freezes and i need to wait long for it to open or close, same for the ally list.





      And by the way teacher, sorry for still not adding you i will do it asap



      Ty for reading and i hope you all know this,



      [ A i ] SilenT