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    makers of : ytube vids, petitions and askers for map packs and killstreaks please answer this.



      well example :


      [LOP]Goodguy wrote:


      Activision can fix and add everything! But they're to lazy. It  is like homebrew u need a USB or SD Card. Activision will create an update that downloads onto the USB or SD Card. Then keep the USB or SD in the wii as long as the player wants to play the update on the USB or SD!



      Someone answers this :


      No its not possible thanks to ram issues and sd cards will not happen.


      and you see this, you posted that ^ and what do you think now? why would you go against them since your new to the forums and you probly dont know as much as they do.... but why do you keep asking? keep making petitions? keep making youtube videos?


      I mean im asking for updates, that is possible... but map packs come on thats impossibru


      Why would you go on with asking for map packs and the other killstreaks like pred missile reaper...





      Ty for reading,