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    (Unofficial) Face Off Players Code of Conduct


      With the introduction of Face Off, its time we as a community stand up for how it should be played. As Face Off players, we solemnly swear to:


      1. Not Camp- This is a fast paced game mode meant to match skill on skill. While a smart player will move tactically around the board, it is not right to sit in a corner waiting for someone to pass. I promise to play smart, but keep myself moving and hunt down the enemy in the spirit of competition.
      2. Not use lethal killstreaks- This mode is meant to be a match of player versus player. I joined the lobby to play against you, not your AI controlled killstreak. Gun on gun action, leave the killstreaks for the other modes.
      3. Not use Claymores or Betties- Again, no cheap kills. While its true an alert player should always be on the lookout, remember letting something else do the work for you isn't in the spirit of competition.
      4. Not Use the lobbies for Boosting or other nefarious purposes- Earn what you get in this game, don't use the mode as an excuse to cheat.  If you need to Boost for things, you are missing the point of gaming entirely. An achievement or reward means nothing if you didn't earn it honestly.
      5. Use Good Sportsmanship- A little "Nice Shot" or "Good Game" never killed anyone.


      And Most importantly-


          6.  Not quit or leave the game before the match is over- While losing is never fun, its part of playing the game. By starting a match, you are making a promise to see that match to its conclusion, whatever it might be.  If you are losing, you will continue to do your best and change up your gameplay style if need be. The match isn't over until the timer runs out or the point limit is reached, and you can always come back if you try hard enough. Understand that leaving early not only puts your opponent in an awkward spot, but also anyone who is unlucky enough to be put into the match after you've left. See it through to the end, every match, every time, no matter what. (Real Life issues causing you to have to back out or quit playing are still acceptable, of course.


      Please sign below if you agree with these policies, and please suggest any amendments or changes you'd like to see.


      (Wishful thinking, maybe, on my part. But if everyone follows these standards, imagine how much fun Face Off could be.)

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          The idea is good, but you already know that people won't follow it because they want to win however they can.

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            I think it would be fun if both teams fought over one room or building. Who ever was winning would of course be camping in the one spot but there would  still be alot of action.

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              Why is there a 6th commandment when the other 5 arent numbered ??


              And so instead of Lethal Killstreaks what should we use ?  harsh language ?


              Except for boosting I think its everything goes including tea bagging the dead. these games should be really intense.


              As for camping you DID notice the new Xbox video that shows two guys throw smoke and camp to get the enemy player. As well as the one player near the end who was camping and never saw the guy come up from behind and almost headshot him.


              I got my tail whupped in those games so I need to make a fast moving class.

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                  That is weird! I used the Number bullets and they randomly disappeared. Because I put something in between the 5th and 6th one, I had to put the 6 in myself. Weird.


                  My point with Lethal Killstreaks is it defeats the purpose. Use specialist, or UAV or whatever if you must. But don't use things that get the kills for you. Its supposed to be player on player, not player on AI controlled helicopter or rocket dropping from the sky.  I personally will not use them, I think it goes against the spirit of the game.

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                  Only agree with the camping ,weapons ,lethals etc ppl can use what ever they want as long as there not sitting up the back of the map in a corner!

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                    So far my experiences of FaceOff havent been particularly pleasant due to "cheap" tactics used by other players. I'm an average to good players wanting to play in the right spirit of the game and gamemode, but when your opponent is camping in a corner waiting for to pass whilst tactically searching for them, its never pleasant to get shot in the back from a dark corner or by a hidden claymore behind a doorway.


                    Worst experience so far has been on Erosion on kill confirmed with my opponent set up in the middle tower with tactical respawn. I would kill him over and over again but unable to collect tags quick enough...it actually became very frustrating losing on tags collected but with more than 3 times the number of kills.


                    Had a few games with decent players like myself but they seem to be few and far between.


                    On a side note...these 2 maps, whilst graphically pleasing on the eye, are poorly designed for 1v1 gametypes.

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                      agreed on the camping and not leaving the game side of things,i actually just managed a game where nobody was camping or left the match,we lost but it was a LOT more enjoyable

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                        I could care less what tactics the player uses.  I just hate when they quit.  Sure, it's frustrating to be killed 4 or 5 times in a row, but stick with it.

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                          I don't care whatever weapon or tactics they use. They can use whatever they want. I don't even care if they quit. There are valid reasons why they quit like being at the bad end of lag compensation.

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                            no claymores? no killstreaks? i agree people should have some sportsmanship and not camp and such but some of your requests are ridiculous...this is call of duty after all

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                                  The boosting and leaving part is wishful thinking, but the rest is just a bunch of bs.


                                  Everyone has their own personal opinions on code of conduct and chances are, no two are alike. So if we all obeyed everyones wishes there just wouldnt be any match at all.


                                 What this usually amounts to is this:


                                  " He used a claymore so I used an attack heli, then he used a t95 so I camped, then he shot me with an rpg so I quit"


                                  Especially when it comes to things like camping. One guy stoips to reload, so he's campping, so the next guy moves a bit more cautiously so he's camping....... blah, blah , blah


                                  Its about frigging war ........... if you agreed on everthing there would be no need to run around killing each other.  Right?


                                 the devs have laid out the rules by including whatever in the game they include, and excluding what they dont want. Start learning to play the developers' game and quit trying to make your own. Or at least if you want to make your own put the thread about it in the proper forum          though I dont think they have any titled:

                              "the NOT mw3 forum" or 'I wish what mw3 was forum"

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                                  Everyone is entitled to their opinion. My point comes from a background in sports and from years of teaching fair play. I know thats in short supply on the ground in Call of Duty, the community always wants short cuts, cheap ways to get free kills that they don't actually have to work for.  These are just my thoughts on fair play in the mode. The idea is player on player, not player vs something else that can get kills for me while I hide somewhere.


                                  These were just my thoughts. Its how I am going to choose to play the game. If I win the match, its because I got the kills. If I lose, its because I didn't get to the opponent enough.


                                  All I was looking for in these suggestions is a little fair play. I know thats a stretch in this community, but I felt it was worth a shot.

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                                         I agree with one being allowed to their own opinion. There are probably at least a million different ones on what is fair, dirty, cheeap, etc ........ and they're all good as long as you dont expect anyone to agree with them ......... thats what an opinion is about.


                                          With a background in sports, you would know there are "official" rules to go by in sports. They are laid out quite nicely in a book somewhare that officials can refer to and say whats fair and whats not.

                                          In football for example you wouldnt call the other team out for faking a punt and running instead. Its allowed according to the rules and you probably wouldnt cry about it or insult the other team for doing it. ........... You probably the laughing stock if you did.


                                         This game isnt much different. It has official rules ............... but with this game everyone always has some reason why the opponent shouldnt have done what they did. And this makes them a lesser player.

                                          There is a constant complaint that they have dumbed this game down.............. no. THEY didnt, but the players do by trying to eliminate the need to think about what the enemy is doing. Its great to say you have good eyesight and quick reflexes, but you have to admit, that takes very little thought.


                                         The "intelligent" part of the game is to plan a strategy that your opponenet is going to have to deal with. You can force thm to switch their tactics, or you can outplay them at their own.

                                         Are they going to run? are they going to camp? Do I use blind eye or scavenger? Do I use an lmg, shotty or sniper rifle?


                                            I'm glad you said what you did about if losing that you didnt get to the opponent enough. Its good to see people take the blame for what they did wrong. But you have already set yourself up for an excuse to blame the other player for your loss if they dont do things the way you want.

                                          If you want to abide by your rules , great. Thats your choice and its good that you do what you want.......... now just let everyone else do what they want too. ................ and dont be expecting sympathy if you get noobtubed or camped out of a win.

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                                          I just had the worst Face Off game ever! The game opened up with me dying to a claymore. I was raging and screaming on the mic, berating the other guy who used a freakin' claymore. I told him to play by my rules and he laughed at me. I lost because my opponent used a Predator, an Attack Helli, and an AH6. They're cheap and they're cutting corners. I was running around in the open without Blind Eye and this ridiculous Attack Helli mowed me 4 times in a row. Then there's this AH6 that followed. I was cheated of victory. It's so unfair. He should be playing by my personal rules! He have no integrity and in my eyes, I won the match because I played without using those cheap, corner cutting stuff. Too bad the game awarded the victory to that kid who didn't play by my rules. 


                                          Stop using cheap tactics, kids. It's not MANLY, and it's unfair for people like me. Kids who plays cheap like this are ruining the spirit of COD. Go play COD like a MAN not like a kid.

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                                        could not agree more.  i don't fault anyone any tactic because it is in the game.  it takes all types of players.


                                        "all is fair in love and war"


                                        there is a widespread misconception that not running into eachother guns blazing is unfair and not MANLY or that camping is cheating or being a pansy. 


                                        not true, in my humble opinion.  if you are a great player you can overcome any type of player.  if I get killed by a camper, it's because i wasn't wary or i didn't get him out of his spot.  if I get killed by a rusher, it's because i didn't hold my ground.  the way around campers is the tactical gear or lethal gear like flashes, smoke, concussions, frags, and semtex.  you could also use something like the xm25 to scout out or flush campers out.  rushers can be beat by laying betties, claymores, using the radar, or (gasp) camping.


                                        it's a poor player that makes excuses for their defeats and a true coward who quits because he can't overcome a different tactic.


                                        just my opinion.  let the roasting begin.



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                                        Honestly, if you let me get an attack heli, Im gonna use it. Sorry. Its not easy IMO to get streaks in 1v1/2v2, as in a 6v6 standard mode.


                                        Not quitting-Normally if my connection sucks in MW3, I just back out. Just how it is, games lag comp/sync isnt right, etc. But in 2v2/1v1 I tend to stay. It just doesnt seem right to jump ship in those game types.


                                        Good sportsmanship-LOL. the day that you have more than 1-2 tell you good match will be the day they found out how to keep people under the age of 18 from playing this game.

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                                          Since claymores and betties are the only true counter to dead silence, they are a must use. Thats a fact in search as well.

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                                            How is it against the Code of Conduct, to play the game legitimatly, the way you want?  That's what most people will say, and that's why they'll camp or use whatever you hate.


                                            But the 1v1 you (mostly) crave, can be done via private match.  Just invite some randoms or friends.

                                            ~RUGGED SAVIOR



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                                                  Ya know as much as I preach about everyone playing the way they want, I still have times when I'm doing something and get pissed because other players arent playing the way I want. My issue usually comes when I want to knife or run a shotty.


                                                  I dont use a mic, but I'm sure someone hears me telling the other dude what chickensh*t he is for shooting me when I'm only knifing ............... thats when its time to put the controller down and do smething useful for a while.


                                                   But anyhow ...... the private match thing is nice as you said, but to me, the real challeneg is in playing against people who arent doing the same thing as me, or not doing what I want.Sure its nice to have a match where my chosen loadout is the perfect one for the match I'm in. But it gets old. I'm in it for the challenge as much as I am the win ....... and its a darn good thing for all the more I win.


                                                  But something nice about a 1v1 or 2v2 is that there is more of an opportunity to SUGGEST certain rules to follow at the beginning of a match. I run into this in ffa a lot. Players will choose shotguns, or handguns or whatever and frequently most people in the lobby will go along with it.


                                                   I'm almost always up for a match like that ........... but only if its suggested. I dont want to be told.   I was in a lobby for several matches the other night with the same players. Somewhere along the line one of them decided for everyone else that we were all qsing. He started by insulting one of the other players who were qsing for the shot he did in the final cam. He wasnt just qsing ..... he was showing off. and that was apparently against the rules. The first I knew of it being convereted to a qs lobby was when he told me to qs or get the f* out. ............... wrong thing to do. If he'd have just asked, I would have gladly left and let them have their qs lobby as I dont do it myself. But instead I stayed for 3 or 4 matches even longer than intended just to aggravate him............ and it indeed worked.

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                                                I tend to agree with you for the most part. I sincerely think they should just remove assassin, and that would end the camping nonsense. As for enemy equipment and air support, blind eye and sitrep are always there to counter them, and probably infuriate the enemy player/team. I always keep a class ready for those in situations where people camp for killstreaks. It also comes complete with C4 and stingers for those nasty situations.

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                                                  As a Face Player I somely swear to:


                                                  1. WIN AT ALL COSTS - Thats means camping if the situation calls for it, well placed claymores in high traffic areas, leathal kill steaks if the guy is to lame to kill me to end my streak, using only the ACR, MP7, and shotguns, drop shotting, halo jumping, etc..


                                                  2. Laugh at people who can't adapt to counter the playing styles of anyone other then the worst players.

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                                                    And yet another demand from someone to play the way they want me to. .... NO!

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                                                      Appreciate all the feedback. My list mostly came from experience playing the game and some of the things I've seen, as well as from reading some of the posts in other discussions as well.


                                                      Honestly, play the way you want to play. My thoughts were just wishful thinking for how I would like to see the game played- Straight up player on player.


                                                      I am actually enjoying playing against different play styles, though some are more rage-worthy than others. I have not quit out of matches, no matter how frustrating they can become. I've always said that I'll never claim to be the best player. My eyesight is miserable and my reaction time gets worse every year. My big advantage is that I can usually out-think my opponent and adapt to however they are playing.


                                                      Not trying to tell anyone how to play, my thoughts were just in the interest of fair-play and competition, and its going to be how I choose to play the game. I really just wanted to spark a little conversation and see how others thought about how they approach the 1v1 mode.


                                                      It all comes down to this as far as I am concerned. If I don't like playing against you, I'll just find another opponent. A lot of valid points brought up in here, thanks as always for your constructive criticism and discussion.

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                                                          nicedrewishfela wrote:



                                                          It all comes down to this as far as I am concerned. If I don't like playing against you, I'll just find another opponent.

                                                          Does this mean quitting a match? If so, then that goes against what you wanted in the first place. If it's in the game it is legal to use. You don't like claymores...run sitrep so you can see them. You don't like heli's...use blind eye or carry a stinger....See where I am going with this? You can counter just about everything in this game. (Mind you I said JUST ABOUT) Find out quickly what their strategy is and counter it. That is, after all, why we have multiple class slots.

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                                                              No, as I stated I don't quit matches. But if I don't like playing against you, I will find another lobby once the game is over.

                                                              For example, played in a match earlier today with a guy who literally sat in corners the entire match. I did my best to counter this, but found the game remarkably boring. Once the match was over... I went to find a new lobby. I couldn't see going through any more matches with that game style.

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                                                            Ok let's all make op happy and stand in a long hallway and fire at te same time.., fair is fair right??? Right?... Smfh

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                                                              Face off is a different kind of game.. You can't just run around guns blazing because it's so small of maps that you get spotted right away.. The op needs to learn that this isn't ground war on liberation..

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                                                                  Where did you get that from? I don't believe I ever said that. Just gave my opinions for what I would like to see in this game mode and asked for other people's opinions.  I think I misspoke when I used the term "fast-paced", all that I was saying is it would be nice to not have people sitting in corners or head-glitching. Its one thing to have an alternate opinion, but don't put words in my mouth. If you have an argument, make it. PS- Never played Ground War on Liberation... I play Hardcore so I know about not running around guns blazing.

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                                                                  I solomnly declare that I will play how the feck I like and use what I want...


                                                                  I also solomnly declare that I will complain at every opportunity about my opponents weapons, streaks, kills, etc...


                                                                  Nice idea though mate...