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    Domination clan operation question. Is this allowed?????

      My clan and I played in yesterdays clan operation.  We ended up with gold but we had 3 hours of intense game play with a lot of out KD going down because of all the captures we had to get.  Well one lobby we got into, one player from another clan said "if you guys won't kill, we won't kill"  We all started laughing and figured he was just joking and played normally.  Then after the operation i decided to do a search and apprently some clans actually do that.  They negotiate a deal with another clan, no killing, and both clans just keep going back and forth capturing the same location.  Isn't that boosting?  Is that even allowed? I mean here we were busting our butts and dropping our KD for 3 hours while some clans were taking it easy.  Are clans getting punched for such stratagies?