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    ~ Black Ops ii ZOMBIES NEW Perks, Weapons, Machines (ALL NEW IDEAS) By YTAQi ~

      Please Let me know if you like any of these ideas! i've thought of them a while back so here it goes!


      First, MAPS:

      So far, ive really only thought of 2 maps, since they have mentioned they were going to have 6-8 players playing at once, id like for every map to be gigantic! first one being:


      Haus Des Lebens (House of life): Basically this would be Samantha's house, which is in fact a huge mansion! you'll be able to start off somewhere in the house (Living room for example) and continue from there on. You'll be able to go outside where there will be a huge garden and a seashore where zombies will come from the ocean! That's all i have on this map for now, ill try to think of more ideas!


      Central: Now this map, is a gigantic city that takes place somewhere in New York or something and will include alot of buildings (some you can enter and some you cant), rooftops, and a park! At round 1 the time will be at sunrise and as rounds progress, time does also. and once you reach round 40, it will be midnight and the shine of the moon will shine upon the box. Where the first person who gets to the box and uses it will recieve a wonder weapon that wasnt originally in the box (like the wunder waffle or something, sorry if i spelled that wrong ) and yes time will continue to go on after the eclipse. I'd like for the hell hounds to return for this map because that would rock!




      First of all i think they should REMOVE deadshot Daquiri & Double Tap. Because one of the perks i've thought of will make for a betetr combination of the 2.


      Splitshot: Price: 3000: Increase bullet damage & Penetration + Steady aim. (Now with this around, you wont even need deadshot OR double tap since this perk saves ammo and gets the damage you deserve for 3000 points!)  ~


      Recycle Ruit Beer: Price: 5000: When you get downed, after getting revived you will keep all the perks you had. (except Recycle Ruit Beer ofcourse) (You might think 5000 is a bit pricey but if you think about it, it's totally worth it becasue after you get downed you dont have to go and buy juggernaut and whatever you had all over again, you'll feel safe. But you still have to buy the perk again for another 5000 points)  ~


      Lucky Sip: Price: 1000: When you down your life will last longer & you'll be able to use equipment while downed (Monkey Bombs and Signal Bombs (Scroll down) also moving will not affect your life while downed. (Since the maps are going to be huge, i figured we're going to NEED a perk like this, its very cheap and can be a life saver in a situation you dont want to be in! its just a cheap situational perk i'd like to see in zombies!   ~


      New Machines: I'd really like it if they added more MACHINES to zombie world, not just perk machines... but more! here are 2 that i've thought of:


      Bank Machine: Able to input money in the machine and have a teammate recieve half the ammount you put in. (We always wanted something like this and i figured a bank machine would be perfect! especially in 'Central' where it would just fit in the whole city theme.) How it would work: a player comes up to the machine and it will read "Hold 'Square' to input 1000 points" and you can input as many times as you want. Lets say you input 6 times (6000), and half of that is 3000. So when another player approaches the machine, it will say "Hold 'Square' to input 1000 points" and "Hold 'Triangle' to recieve 3000". I havent thought of any purpose for it in solo, but im sure Treyarch can think of something! haha! x)


      Drop Machine Price: 5000: As you may know, drop-outs are pretty rare, especially in the later rounds. So what this machine does, is you pay 5000 points, it shakes up for like 5 seconds then drops in a random drop-out! Each player can only use this machine ONCE PER ROUND (now thats fun! )


      ~New drop out: Speed Strike: Slows down the zombies (it almost freezes them) until the drop out fades out.


      New Weapons/Equipment:


      Tomahawks: Now im a HUGE tomahawk fan (For nice tomahawk clips ~ Youtube.com/iMYATQi ) Anyways, i've always wanted to see tomahawks in zombies ever since WaW but nobody ever thought of how it may work, until now! i think they shoulld be like 1000 points, a hit-kill no matter what round you're on, and able to pick them up after useage. (equiped with 4 when you buy them, but you DONT get 2 at the start of every round since you CAN pick up the ones you already used. so if you lose some, you have to buy them again for 1000 points) You might think, then whats the point of tomahawks. Its for those situations where you might be cornered so you can just scalp your way through the zombies! or when you just get tired of knifing the last crawler alive, just throw that tomahawk at it and speed things up!

      Signal Bombs: A new tactical grenade, such as the monkey bombs but with the exact opposite effect. Once you throw them, they produce a bright light that scares OFF the zombies. So basically if you think you're cornered, thorw it right on the spot you're on and scare off those zombies. Or you can throw it towards a fallen team mate for the advantage of reviving him/her without any complications.


      For weapons, i really want to see the Flamethrower come back but as a WONDER weapon and have it be just so powerful you can burn those zombies for dayz! and pack-a-punching it would obviously increase the power by a bit, increase the ammo/round size (or whatever its called), change the flame colour to BLUE, & have it be called The BlazeBreather! That would be so sick!


      Last but not least, if by anyway possible, i'd LOVE to see a chainsaw as a weapon in zombies!!

      I hope you enjoyed my ideas! make sure to check out my youtube channel!!