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      Hello guys, you know whio I am and because I have almost given up getting my first MOAB I am starting on sniping. If theres something in my game and I need to improve on its sniping. Because I ues wii mote  I connot trickshot () but can still no scope.


      What sniper is best?


      Best set up?



      Random tips?


      I saw soviet running around with snipers and having a nice time so I thought I should try and be a good sniper.


      OH and btw I don't use acog


          This is my fave setup, i have 8 moabs with this one, and 4 with the msr


          as50 agoc jk


          as50 thermal







          never use stalker with a sniper!

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            I have the best luck when using the Barrett with Stability and Variable Zoom. Although it doesn't actually increase the range rating of weapon it does make longer shots much easier and the reduced sway becomes a must have for those shots at max zoom. I also use claymores to cover my back and portable radar to keep a watch out for any Stalker Pro users who get past my claymore. My secondary is usually MP412 with a Tactical Knife. I use Blind Eye to keep air support off of me. Assassin is a must have for a sniping class in my opinion. My third perk is Marksman. It's great once you get it pro. I run the assault package on this class and set my killstreaks low. I have a UAV which is helpful no matter the situation. I have a care package because you can occasionally luck out and get something great and I also have an IMS because if your claymore gets taken out or gets a kill then it makes a great defensive weapon.

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              So no quickdraw?

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                  I find that being an attentive player can compensate for the lack of Quickdraw. I usually look AROUND an open area and not IN it. If you find someone behind cover in a crowded area then shoot one shot to the opposite side of them and 9 times out of 10 they will run through the open area to get to a new spot and are left open for an easy kill.

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                  any advice? i have been using the RSASS with speed and thermal, but havent got that good luck.. i have tried changing the profiency, and its the same, i think im not good for being a sniper rifle user D:

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                    I'm trying to get to stability with the Barrett but it's taking forever because I suck at sniping.  My K/D is dropping like crazy too.

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                      acog is almost necessary on maps like dome. just sayin (my opinion)

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                        I use a L118a with a p99 as my secondary. I usually run around with the p99 to make sure that I won't die during close combat. If I see an enemy at a good distance, then I'll pull out my L118a and snipe them from there. Also my perks are sleight of hand, quickdraw, and marksman. You definitely want sleight of hand because you can reload the sniper quicker when you are being shot at. Also quickdraw is not needed if you are going to snipe from a really long distance. I use it because I want to scope in faster so my target doesn't kill me or get away from me. Marksman is a good help because you can see the targets from far away or if they are going prone and you think they are a dead body. Also @SheSaidNo look up WiiScottie on youtube he wrecks with a sniper.

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                          -Stay at one spot, always stay hidden. Move around if enemies are spawning different -areas, depends the map.

                          -Always be behind cover.

                          -Always stay patient.

                          -True snipers don't use quick draw.

                          -Carry a portable radar and be aware of your surroundings.

                          -I use the 50. Cal Barret with two attachments, HBS and Extended Mag.

                          -My perk setup is scavanger, assasin, and marksmen all pro'd.

                          -Use Specalist if going for MOAB.

                          -Make sure to pick up someones weapon for a secondary sometime in case of CQC,

                          -If you kill a same guy twice in your area, he will keep going after you determined to kill you (even if he's dropping his KDR just to kill you)

                          -Someone will eventually try to counter snipe you, at that point keep moving left and right -when you see someone trying to snipe you. A moving target is always harder to hit.

                          -Don't try shooting in front of the person. Only at or slightly behind him.

                          -Torso and up should be one shot kills. If the target is moving spots you may try shooting him quick.

                          -If the enemy moves behind a wall try the shot anyways.

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                            The best way to snipe...

                            Acog with anything
                            Aim and shoot(make sure you have aim assist on!)

                            Good job! You just learned how to be a 1337 MLG sniper on MW3!
                            Warning! The tips above do not work on Black ops, but it does work for MW2. WARNING! The tips ABSOLUTELY DO NOT WORK IN REAL FPS!

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                              I have very limited experience with sniping (SMGs for me ), but these are some tips I picked up during my short reign of sniping and learning from enemy snipers' mistakes.

                              - Be patient! Don't expect to get a three killstreak the moment you start shooting

                              - Stealth is one of the most important traits of sniping. Use Assassin, Blind Eye, and possibly a silencer

                              - Claymores work both ways. They can either protect you or give your position away.

                              - Don't stay in the same spot for an entire life, unless you want a revenge-hungry enemy to shoot you in the back. Choose a spot, snipe one or two enemies, and move.

                              - Likewise, try to avoid going to the well-known sniping spots (e.g. the bunker on Outpost...)

                              - Finally, don't expect to be a 1337 MLG sniper right off the bat. Take your time and develop your skills.

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                                OK, I will take qyuickdraw off now and from what I've been getting, AS50?

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                                    Just an FYI, a long time ago I did some test shooting with rifles to check which ones are the best and worst. By doing this I shot the target from the foot, pelvic, arms, and chest

                                    My list from most powerful to the weakest are the following.

                                    -50. Cal Barret






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                                        This is due to the poor hitbox registration on wii. The MSR, Barret, L118 and possibly the AS50 (cant rememeber) all have the same exact damage. It all depends on the connection of the individual game. There are days where it seems like everywhere I hit, with the 4 above, are a one shot kill and other days i feel like they nerfed snipers to make non of them a one shot kill. Best advice when looking for a sniper is playing with all of them and seeing which one feels the best when you play with it. Personally what i run 90% of the time is:

                                        MSR- speed, extended mags

                                        Perk1- Slight of Hand

                                        Perk2- Quickdraw

                                        Perk3-Steady aim/Marksman/Dead Silence (depends on the day)

                                        Secondary - Akimbo Deagles/Akimbo MP412

                                        I have 3 classes set up, one for specialist, one for assault and one for support

                                        Specialist- Assassin,Scavenger,Blast Shield

                                        Assault- UAV, Precision Airstrike, AH6 Overwatch

                                        Support- UAV & CUAV

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                                          It's funny how the sniper that takes the least skill to use is also the most powerful. There's no fire cap, it has a huge mag, it has no recoil when fired from the hip, etc. Not a single thing about it is bad.

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                                        Barret gets to many hitmarkers in my opinion. Thats why I gave it up in MWR.