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    Best way to avoid account hopping guys?

      Any guru`s out there with a bit of inside info on how to avoid this please? Obviously not accepting allies is one, but can some one just request me when im in bed, and then hack me? Ive no idea how this shizzle works.

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          Yes someone can request you at any time and hit you. All they have to do is add you as an ally and push the "Home" button. This stores your login info into RAM. ll they have to do is sign out and sign back in. In case you don't understand, "login info" is the set of code that tells the server which account is logging on. They push "Home" again while connecting to the servers and they connect as you. One way to help be safe is remove your ally code from anywhere on the web that it is posted. My clan kept all of our ally codes on our website until this started. I immediately took them down.

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            saddly, yes, if you are asleep and they have you in their recent players list, they can send you an ally request and hop you....


            But, the code the hacker posted did worked for me... here's some picks:http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg513/scaled.php?server=513&filename=hni0088.jpg&res=landing




            there, i got renamed to Peterpan<===== went from prestige 3 to prestige 10 lvl 1.... But, that code was active, and look now:http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg694/scaled.php?server=694&filename=hni0089x.jpg&res=landing



            That was my lobby when the hackers left... cant remember their names, but one of them was in a clan, they where using MP9 and FGM9 custom akimbos and support streak pwnage.. and other little hacks i think they where using where UAV and red box... but they didnt hop me...

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              Haha........ Imagine this. Your account is at all times, butt naked in the middle of times square. there is no way to avoid getting hopped. It can happen at any moment, at any times. Heck, I bet for fun, hackers just go through the leaderboards and hack random people.