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      Why all the freak out??!! Its JUST A GAME. I still don't understand why people get so butt-hurt over a video game..well, MW3...Seriously! Am I the only one who does not give a flying horse cookie's about in-game stats or achievements? Seriously! Its just a game! i don't understand all the freak out.....I mean, they demoted you and erased your 1337 stats..come on! Noboby gives a flying cookie about stats and don't forget that in MW3, pretty much you can have as much fun being a level 80 no prestige as a maxed out level 80 prestige 10(well, as much "fun" as one can have in the excuse of a game called mw3...). Seriously.....I was looking at ic0nb0y's comments on his video that he posted about him getting hacked(I do that for fun sometimes, I like to see these kids kiss iconboy's as*), and i swear, the amount of freak out in the comments made me almost want to leave this planet. Some people were thinking of boycotting MW3 wii(that would help....) and some even said they were gonna commit the unspeakable in a gas station bathroom. Seriously!


      Take a chill pill.....and relax to some good old jazz...