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        Well I am about halfway to level 2 which kicks the critical damage up a whopping 1000!!! I switched IM up a bit and went with repulsor barrage and man it can take down bosses and elites pretty fast!


        Have you considered using prestige?

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          I don't really plan on prestiging any heroes.  I got a lot of cool heroes to play, and I'd rather just keep a couple heroes at 60 so I can do new endgame stuff with them like the raids and stuff.  Are you thinking about prestiging Iron Man or something?

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            Not sure there doesn't seem to be really any advantage to it so probably not. Have gunghir to level 2, sweet. Pretty happy about this weekend with free fortune cards the new jewels and 50% bonus on special find.

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              Well, it's crazy how fast you level up with the synergy XP system.  My Scarlet Witch is level 57 now, looks like she'll be my next 60 hero.  She's super fun to play with all kinds of AoE attacks and crowd control stuff.  And teleporting.  Teleporting's just plain fun.  Spidey's not too far behind at 46, either. 

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                Only have IM at 60, Thor is at level 54 but have not been playing him. I have BP in the low 40's and Collossus, HT and Loki in the high 40's. But I am playing my top five mostly, IM, BP, HT, Loki and Storm so I don't see myself getting anybody to 60 over the next couple of weeks maybe in a month or so. Just having fun raising a hero a level then going to the next up a level and then the next doing almost all exclusively LQ's, great XP and earning those marks for my next legendary weapon, however not to sure what hero will my affection as my #2 fav to earn the weapon, lol.


                I do like synergies a very cool addition for sure.

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                  And Scarlet Witch is now level 60!  Super fun hero to play.  I actually got her for free back when they gave free starter heroes during the story, so I'd say that was a pretty nice hero to get for free.  I'm also up to 265 Odin Marks, I think, so I'm getting pretty close to 300 for that legendary! 

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                    What legendary are you going to get?


                    You got her up there pretty fast. I see her play and she reminds of Storm with all of her AOE attacks.


                    So I guess Nightcrawler is the first hero out this year, a bit disappointed as I want Dr. Strange but I get him with my pack so I will try him out for sure.

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                      Haven't really decided which to get yet.  I'll have to look into the stats of each one sometime.  I'm leaning toward getting a Gungnir for Widow, though, since critical stats will always be useful for her, and she's been one of my favorites to play since beta. 


                      Yeah, Legendary Quests give you experience pretty quick now, so it went pretty quickly.  She's super fun to play with all those AoEs and some cool damage over time attacks.  She has good crowd control, too, since she can pull enemies together to one spot, and she can confuse them, too.  And she has a cool power that shoots random numbers of hex bolts, which deals pretty awesome damage.  She doesn't have anything like Storm's Thundering Maelstrom, though.  She's more of a stationary spellcaster who can teleport around to different spots instead of attacking while on the move.


                      Moon Knight's February, and then Dr. Strange is March, so you don't got too long to wait.  I'm not a huge fan of Nightcrawler in the comics, but he could be really fun to play with all his teleporting. 

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                        Thanks for the character update. Moon Knight sound like he might be fun although I don't know much about him. He is connected to some moon god or something and is kind of crazy or a split personality. Outside of that I don't know much about his power set, but he seems very different from other heroes so he might be a lot of fun to play.

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                          He's totally crazy and supposedly gets powers from Khonshu and hears Khonshu's voice.  It's pretty creepy.  He has all kinds of martial arts stuff and gadgets (like Batman), though he also seems to get stronger with the moon, too. 

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