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        I thought he was crazy so he is crazy when he is in his altar ego or only when he dons the Moon Knight costume? Anyway I hope they make him very different from the other melee characters.


        Are you taking advantage of X Defense week. Wow you get a ton of stuff and great drops and XP. I got a ton of boosts that I instantly applied, very cool. I have not played X def in a while and I really liked that they have that counter in the upper corner it feels like a better experience now.

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          He's always crazy.  He has a bunch of different personalities, and he uses some of them sometimes for gathering info and stuff, actually.  I don't know that much about him, though, so I'd check out his wikipedia page or something if you want more info on him. 


          I didn't play any X-Defense today, though the boosted rates for it and the Hand of Doom in it seem like they'd be cool.  I played Luke Cage a bit for the first time in a while today, though, and he's really fun right now with all his summons.  Not to mention that beating up bad guys with a crowbar is just fun. 


          You should've gotten your mark 4 fortune cards from the advance pack by now, right?  Get anything cool in them?

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            I got a bunch of boosts from most of them, nothing awesome.


            I played a bunch of X defense and it is really much better. Great XP, great loot, I'm getting lots of cosmics and few uniques. I am running rarity and special item boosts as well. So will probably hit X def pretty hard.


            Primarily running Storm, HT and Loki through it and have them all close to 50 now. Storm is a lot of fun to play her AOE powers are awesome. Have not played IM in a bit with X def so I have not leveled gungir up anymore but will run him tomorrow for a bit to see if I can get some better uniques although I have pretty good ones already.

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              They've shown a few pictures of some of Hawkeye's new powers from his rework, and it's looking like it might be time to play Clint some more after the big patch.  He has some really cool new powers that'll totally change how he plays.  My Hawkeye's level 30, so there's plenty of room left to level up. 

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                Don't have Hawkeye so I will live vicariously through you and you can tell me how he plays after the rework. There is no doubt the 52 review and patch really helps heroes and that is a really good thing.


                So have Loki, Storm and HT to level 50. However seem to be liking Storm the most lately so she might be my next hero to 60. But I do have poor Thor at 54 so I guess I should get him the rest of the way. I have not played him since the synergies so maybe it will be quicker with him.

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                  Rogue was a blast doing cosmic terminals with you. Sorry about the in game communication it just wasn't working, very weird but maybe a byproduct of the update. Got lots of great loot, yay.

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                    Yeah, I like those cosmic terminals so far.  They're a lot more of a challenge than anything else in the game right now, and it makes teaming up for them especially fun.  It also showed just how much stronger Ms. Marvel is than Widow right now, since it was much easier when I switched heroes.  It was still a solid challenge with Ms. Marvel, though, and really keeps you on your toes even with a really strong hero.  The chat problem was weird.  I sent you a message at the end saying I had to sign off, but you probably didn't get it.  Sorry about that, but it was 2 am here, so I kinda had to sleep. 


                    The boosts for the weekend are pretty crazy, though.  I played for about an hour and popped a XP rush bar from a fortune card I had and got Hawkeye from 32 to 42 in one hour.  Just crazy.  And the new Hawkeye is pretty fun.  They consolidated his passives so you have more room for active powers, and they gave him an awesome signature power that sets up a turret arrow that blows everything away. He's got an awesome boss-killing power, too.  Lots of fun now. 

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                      No problem I know you are three hours ahead of me so I figured you were ready to break soon, lol. Next time let's hit Doom first to see if we can get the Hand of Doom. Lots of fun to play with you and those terminals make it handy to have an extra guy, yay.


                      I'm close to getting 400 ES and am thinking about Cap. He just had his 52 review so maybe he is worth a spin.

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                        Was pretty happy with our play yesterday. Getting a unique is always awesome especially one you have not had before. Now I need a unique belt and armor for IM then I have all uniques, although not sure if he has uniques for all areas.

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                          I haven't played Cap since his 52 review, since I've mostly been playing Hawkeye or one of my 60 heroes, so I can't say too much about his review.  I've heard it wasn't as drastic of a change as some have been, but I thought he was pretty fun before his review anyway.  I'm sitting on almost 900 splinters right now, actually, since I already have more heroes than I have time to play.  I might get Nightcrawler if he ends up being fun, since he's supposed to be released this week.  Or I might get Rocket, since he looks pretty fun with Groot and all his turrets.  Not to mention the fact that he's a talking raccoon with a big gun. 

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