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        My Nightcrawler just got to level 20, too!  You're probably a higher level by now, but whatever.  He's fun to play with how mobile he is, that's for sure.  And it's worth saying again: Liam O'Brien.  Dude is awesome. 

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          Rogue sorry I cannot give you that unique, do they not allow that so people don't trade in them or something otherwise I don't get why they wouldn't let that happen. However it is totally lame that a unique would drop that is not for the hero you are playing with. In my mind that is a bug and should be eliminated. I mean you get all excited and then it is a unique for a hero you don't even have, horrible.


          NC is at 24 but will be playing him more today, him and Hulk. I am really enjoying Hulk as well and playing them back to back is great because they have two completely different play styles. NC ducking, dogding and telporting, just got dive bomb power that is pretty awesome, and with Hulk you can just wade in and SMASH.

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            I like that people can't trade uniques, actually.  It makes it more exciting to get them as drops, since you can't get them any other way.  80% of your drops are supposed to be for the hero you're playing, but sometimes you get items for other heroes.  I've gotten a few uniques for heroes I don't have, though I've also gotten a few nice uniques for my other heroes when I'm playing a different one.  It'd be nice to have every drop be for a hero you're playing, but it's no big deal or anything.

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              Oh it's a big deal all right, lol. Yeah that has only happened to my twice I think. Gotta a general unique today when playing with NC and I have one other as well. Didn't play much today as the big game was on but got Hulk and NC leveled up a bit.

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                Was just doing some X-Defense with my Emma Frost today, and got to wave 22 with only three people for most of the time!  We had two people leave at wave 10, so we had to fight that far with just my Emma, an Iron Man, and a Nightcrawler (I know, you're gonna give the credit to the Iron Man).  Was pretty cool, and I also got another Emma unique today. 


                I might not be playing the game as much for a while after Bravely Default gets released tomorrow.  I got that pre-ordered at Gamestop, so I'll probably be playing that a lot for a while.  I know, you're crying inside.

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                  Yes Rogue I count the minutes until we play again, sob, I will miss you, lol. I'm just working each of my heroes under 60 who I like to play a level and then switching just sticking with LQ's getting close to getting a legendary weapon for Storm. Playing Nightcrawler and Hulk more than anyone else, they are both fun for different reasons. Have to be more careful with NC when fighting the supervillians but outside of that his attacks are great. I have them both over level 30.


                  Wave 22 is pretty phenomenal I don't think I have ever come close to that and yes it muse have been IM carrying your sorry butt, lol. Pretty cool thought Rogue.


                  Have fun with your new game I'm sure I will see you around sometime soon.


                  So do you think they will let Skye die? I feel bad that I want her to be off the show, but just don't like her character but every other part of the episode was pretty great. May was awesome!!!

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                    Well, before I picked up my game, I played a little X-Defense with my Emma Frost and ended up getting 2 uniques in one Doop Wave.  And they were my last 2 uniques I needed, so I had one unique for each slot without getting any duplicates.  That was pretty awesome luck. 


                    I actually did play just a little bit today to check out the new runes.  I got a bunch of them from playing some X-Defense, but I only have the one piece of Uru gear that they gave away to everyone today, so I don't got anything to put my runes on yet.  How's the rune-hunting been going for you?


                    Spoilers, Iron! haha, just kidding.  I don't think she will, since they wouldn't have a whole episode about them failing to save her or something, I think.  And there's way too much stuff that's been unresolved with her to just drop her.  Hopefully, she comes back differently after a near-death experience, though.  May was totally awesome, though, in that fight scene!  And Fitz and Simmons were both hilarious on the train! 

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                      I finally got a Uru item in the gift thing, but I have not had any runes drop. Will play some X def tomorrow so I can get me some, want to try that armor out doggone it. My IM needs everything, lol.


                      Yeah I know you are right Skye the spaz will live. Based on that last conversation between Ward and May where May thinks Ward is blaming himself but turns out he is blaming Coulsen and rightfully so. Skye had no business going into the house, it was just plain stupid, par for the course for her. She is like a little girl who has no conception of the risks she is taking and Coulsen has fostered that in her. Maybe this will change her and make her an interesting character, but I doubt it as her being shoehorned into the team was a flawed concept from the very beginning. The show just flat out doesn't need her and would have been fine with May, Ward, Fitz, Simmons and Coulsen. That is plenty of characters already without adding Skye to the mix.  

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                        I finally got an Uru item to drop today!  It was the melee damage one, which isn't great for my heroes, but it was nice to get one. 


                        Also... after all these months, I finally got a Pym's Shrinking Serum!  That thing is crazy rare for an artifact, and it just didn't seem to want to drop for me until now.  It'll be great on my Widow or another hero with good dodge, since it gives you lots of spirit back whenever you dodge an attack. 


                        I would bet they'll turn this near-death experience into a big turning point for her or something.  Hopefully, this time we actually see her changing instead of being told about how dedicated she's becoming like they did at the start of this episode. 

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                          You did get lucky with those two uniques but that is awesome.


                          I got a new unique, the extremis undersheath for IM, so now I only need a unique chestplate for IM and I will have every unique piece of equipment for him. Played some X defense today and got an Uru war hammer and spear rune. So now have two items and two runes but have to get a lot more. They are making those as hard to get as uniques it seems so it could be a while before I can forge an awesome uru item. I have one 50 and one 25 level item. They should make them drop a little more often maybe not as much as epic's but more like cosmics or something like that.


                          My X defense runs certainly have not been as successful as yours I am typically getting to the low teens and then that is it. Those students start going down fast at that level it seems.


                          I retconed Loki today, have him at level 54, and went with more winter powers and he is even more awesome now. His jagged icicle attack and super ice attack are pretty potent.


                          I just don't think they can turn her into a viable character, but maybe I am just too down on her I don't know. There is just something about her that is off and she is typically just irritating.

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