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        Did one quick X-Defense run and got one of the new Emma uniques, a few runes, and the Uru item that gives extra energy damage!  I think X-Defense just likes me more than you for some reason.  Maybe you need to start paying Doop to give you some better loot!  I guess I'm still one unique away on my main hero, Widow, too.  I still want that unique belt, even though it's actually not very useful. 


        Anyway, I gave that new Uru item to Ms. Marvel, since she has lots of energy attacks, and enchanted it with the River of the Soul runeword.  It gives her some more spirit, spirit regeneration on hit, power duration, and lowers spirit cost of powers.  I don't have a lot of spirit-boosting gear on her, and this runeword only uses a few of the more common runes.  I might find something better down the road to get when I have more runes.


        It's possible that she's intentionally unlikeable so that she can have a big change here when she almost dies.  I've seen stories that do stuff like that before, so it's always possible. 

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          Rogue it is all about playing X defense, I don't play it that much so after your post I hit it pretty hard with all my guys and got a bunch of them also got to level 20 with IM.. I have five uru items and about 15 runes. I could enchant one for IM but am waiting for more runes to drop so I have my choice.


          Was able to purchase my second legendary weapon this time for Storm. Got the rod that helps increase her energy damage so her damage level on energy attacks, which is pretty much every attack I use with her, will go up significantly, yes!! Also at the end you get a +1 to energy so I will have cosmic level energy with her, yay.


          Have Hulk up to level 40 and NC in the mid 30's. I a bit excited to have Nova come out this month he should be mostly energy attacks and I hope he is really cool to play and we see some unique powers.


          By the way Hulk's ultimate power is pretty massive I unleashed it last night in a red terminal against Modok at the part where you enter that chamber that Modok is in I leaped over to Modok and of course when you first enter there are a ton of AIM attackers I hit the power, which is a massive smashing leap and I have never seen so many guys go down at once and so much loot and XP orbs vomit out so spectacularly, lol, I also knocked Modok down to about 1/4 health so killed him in record time, was very cool.

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            So, I finally got another general stash tab after all these months today.  It's so nice to actually have some room to put my artifacts and uniques somewhere, since they were starting to fill up my inventory slots because I had so many cool ones I didn't wanna get rid of. 


            Nice, that Cosmic Control Rod is pretty nice.  I might get that one if I give my first legendary to Ms. Marvel.  I'm leaning toward getting a Gungnir for Widow instead, though.  So, did you prestige your Iron Man then, if he's level 20 now? 


            Just so you know, Nova's not coming for a good while.  He actually doesn't even have a release date yet.  Moon Knight is later this month with Dr. Strange next month. 


            Whoa, sounds pretty Hulk-like for his ultimate power then.  My Hulk's level 10 or something, so I'm nowhere near getting his ultimate, but it sounds like it's a good one if I ever start playing him again. 

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              Yeah it is Moon Knight I guess my memory is going., oh well not quite so excited now. I have a feeling he will be a lot like Daredevil or Panther. I played Panther longer than Daredevil but after a while I just got bored with them. They are both pretty squishy and neither do a ton of damage. You really have to work at it with them and after a while it is no longer fun at least for me. Now Nightcrawler has enough cool abilities and some really good damage attacks that he has stayed fun to play. Maybe I am wrong and Moon Knight will be really cool but I'm not holding my breath.


              However Dr. Strange is March and that is really exciting. Just really interested in what his power set will be. He should have some very cool and unique powers that makes him very different to play. He has his shields, his cape, his amulet and of course his magical attack powers. Will they have an ability to utilize astral projection? So much they can do with him I really hope they make him awesome.

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                But Moon Knight's crazy and thinks he's being ordered around by a Moon God!  Each new hero they make is pretty awesome, actually.  It seems like they've gotten better and better at creating new heroes, so I'd bet Moon Knight will be pretty fun.  You'll get him in your pack anyway, so you'll be able to try him out, at least. 


                Yeah, Dr. Strange has so many options with all the spells he can cast and all his different magical items.  He should be pretty awesome. 

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                  Rogue you are right they are learning and growing and making the game better and better there is no doubt of that. It is pretty amazing how far they have come and all their future plans are pretty awesome. They also care about the characters and with the level 52 reviews they can give heroes that were not that great a new lease on playing life.


                  I do have Moon Knight in my pack so will play him and like you said he might be awesome, lol. I am sure it is pretty challenging to give each hero a unique feel and power set, but the do that pretty well overall. I do not now that much about MN so there is that and it is pretty exciting to get a new hero every month to play around with. Plus I am always earning splinters and since I bought the pack when I get to 400, unlike you, I am going to buy a hero I don't have and try them out. No matter what hero I have I always enjoy the initial try out period and getting them up to level 20 there is nothing like reaching that next level, I love that sound and then the one of the most fun things in the game where am I going to spend my points, lol.

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                    Yeah, I've never seen a game improve as much as this one.  I guess I don't play too many online games, but it looks like this isn't exactly the norm around online games.  It's pretty cool that we got such a hard-working development team on a Marvel game like this. 


                    Yeah, it's always fun trying out a new hero, poking around their skill trees and trying them out.  I'm almost back up to 800 splinters again... I'm gonna have to spend some here!  Maybe I'll get Moon Knight when he gets added.  I'll have to have your professional opinion on him, I guess. 


                    On another note, I got Emma Frost up to 60, so I got 5 heroes at 60 now!  And I finally picked a legendary for Widow.  I got Gungnir because it's awesome for critical hits, and Widow's all about the critical hits in this game.  I haven't played enough recently to level it up any, but it'll be a nice power boost. 

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                      I have not played many online games either but no doubt the way lots of people talk who seem to play a lot of online games they are really impressed with Gaz's communication style and constant efforts to improve. I really like how they are very committed to making the game awesome, take feedback, improve, add and just make the game fun.


                      I went to the Moon Knight forum and his ultimate power sounds really cool if Ryonir is telling the truth. It sounds like he his power tree will be Khonosu, ranged and melee. With Khonosu he might get separate powers for each identity. Lots of people seem excited about him and they listed some of his gadgets, numchuks, staff, gliding cape a statue of Khonosu. It made me more interested in him. Just really want him to have major difference from some of the other light melee characters. I guess he will have more defense than dodge, which I like, since defense seems better to me anyway, lol.


                      Still only have two at 60 but have three in the 50's with Hulk coming up strong in the 40's. I have been playing Storm and IM trying to level up their legendary weapons, have IM and Gunghir up to level 3 and Storm's rod up to 2.

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                        So getting Thor close to 60 at 58.5 right now but don't really plan on playing him after that. Loki is going to be next and I really enjoy playing him. I did a retcon on him and went in for his Frost powers and that has made him even more cool to play and even more potent damage wise.


                        Hulk has been pretty fun and have him in the high 40's but will get him into the 50's over the next couple of days. I am still playing NC but not quite as much since he is pretty squishy, but his powers are so cool that I don't really mind that, I just have to pay really close attention to his health and use his little vanishing spell that heals him.


                        Now just waiting for MN to come out and have about 300 ES so will pick up someone else as well in a couple of weeks.

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                          Yeah, Moon Knight sounds like he'll be pretty fun.  I might get him once he gets added with my massive pile of splinters.  I'm also thinking about getting DareDevil, since his rework could make him pretty fun. They're really totally overhauling him, and he's only 200 splinters, so it'll probably be worth trying him out. 

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