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    Marvel Heroes MMO



      So, who else is excited?  It looks and sounds like it's gonna be a pretty awesome game!  IGN did an article about it a few days ago that's worth a read.

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          Yeah, I actually read that article a few days ago, and it sounds real cool!  It almost sounds like an online version of Ultimate Alliance, actually.  Making it free-to-play (though the big question is what they're gonna want you to pay for...) is a big draw for me, so I might have to give this a look.  Is there any kinda list of confirmed characters so far?

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            Yup, I was thinking the same thing!


            There's a list of confirmed characters on the official site.  Even though I'm not a fan, I'm happy to see Emma Frost finally get some love.  She's such a popular and significant X-Men character, it's weird that she's been largely passed over to be playable in games.  (Don't worry, Username, I'm sure Jean will be playable too, haha).

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              But Rogue's probably gonna get passed over again, of course.  Oh well, guess that means I'll be playing as Spidey a whole lot then!  And maybe Cap (or even Clint once he gets announced).  But it should still be a lot of fun, if there's so many cool Marvel characters in it.  And they have some cool ideas, so far.  Like the one about creating costumes with different stat boosts and stuff...

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                Even if she isn't on the initial roster, it doesn't mean she won't get added down the line!  They do that all the time with MMO's and similar type of games.  They wanna keep people playing so they keep adding on stuff.  I doubt Bobbi would be on the initial roster, but if she can pop up as an unlockable for Avengers Alliance, who's to say she won't be added to this game at some point too?

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                  Yeah, but I'm wondering if that's the kinda stuff they're gonna try to get people to buy.  Who knows, though?  You never know what'll happen... There's a long ways to go, since they haven't even announced a release date or anything yet.  I didn't even know they were really in serious development on it until that article popped up on IGN.  It's been shrouded in mystery for years, it seems...

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                    They'd probably let you either save up and buy it with in-game credits or have an option to buy it with hard cash for impatient people.  But that's a guess, cause they haven't said much.  The IGN article mentioned ya don't have to pay anything though.  Yeah, I remember they announced Bendis as the writer and showed a model of Wolverine and that was it.  I don't think it was on the list of confirmed games at E3 yet, but you have to think it would be if they're dropping a trailer and information right now.

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                      I don't know.  They gotta make money somehow, so they must have some kinda microtransaction setup that could actually make money.  They said you can play it start to finish without paying anything (course, since when did an MMO have a finish...?), but they didn't say how many characters you could play with...  Maybe we'll get more info at E3 or something, though...

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                        I wonder if any playable villains will be in it.

                        All I saw was Doom

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                          Hey Hawk,


                          Nice thread, lol, also thanks for the link to the official site. Hmm I wonder who I will play, lol. Pretty cool you can play actual heroes and not have to make up your own like in the DC online, which I have never played. So very excited about it and would certainly pay for it maybe like $50 for a year or something like that.


                          Did they give a date when they will release?

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