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    TeAm mKs recruiting! Level 34

      Hey guys TeAm mKs is recruiting ELITE players. TeAm mKs is one of the top ps3 clans on ELITE an we strive to pull krazy numbers during Operations an also create an maintain strong friendships.


      Clan Facts:

      Level: 34

      K/D: 2.30

      SPM: 278

      Members: 65

      Champion Badges: 2

      Top 10s: alot

      Records: 4,899 kills in TDM Op

      (record for both xbox & ps3)


      For more info plz visit our clan website. Register and apply for a tryout.


      Website: teammks.enjin.com

      ELITE page: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/25453


      Thank you an hope to see some of you soon.