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      Yes, RIPGhostnRoach, again, bring you Part 7 of my, "BEST CLASSES ON MW3, PERIOD!" And like the rest, no substitutions.  Now it's time for the Assault Rifle Support Strike Package.

      This class is recommended for Long to Medium Range Maps. This class provides all that you need to support yourself and your team for the win. Great on most game mode.


      Primary- ACR, Focus Proficiency, ACOG

      Secondary- Stinger

      Lethal- Throwing Knife (no subs.)

      Tactical- Trophy System (no subs.)


      Perk 1- Scavenger Pro

      Perk 2- Quick Draw Pro

      Perk 3- Stalker Pro


      Deathstreak- Juiced (no subs.)


      Strike Package- Support

      5 kills- Bullistic Vest

      10 kills- Recon Drone

      18 kills- EMP


      This Loadout is absolutly beast on game modes like TDM, KC, and even Ground War TDM and KC; moderate on CF or DOM though there are better Classes. The whole time you are supporting yourself with XP, the means of taking it to the enemy, while supporting your team to the max. So,


      The ACR is King when it comes to using the ACOG Scope. The SCAR-L has superiour Range were the ACR is lacking, making up for it with a little more damage then the SCAR-L. Adding the ACOG Scope to the ACR should be illegal!! It makes this weapon kill so fast, allows you to see enemies at extreme range, as if they were right there in your face, and, due to the Assault Rifle having little to no recoil, you will stay on target even at extreme range going full auto.


      The Stinger Missile System is for destroying any Enemy Air Support like UAVs, Attack Helicopters, etc; in support of your Stike Chain, while at the same time helping your team.


      The Throwing Knife, I personally love, due to the chance of being caught in the middle of a reload, of either weapon, due to not using Slieghts of Hand. This allows you to automatically cancel the reload and kill the tango. I only use the Throwing Knife for two reasons: when a tango isn't paying attention, due to your weapon being load giving up your possition and reload cancels. These methods has saved me too many times to count. Pro'd Quick Draw will have them not knowing what happend.


      Taking the Trophy System along is due to not having Blind Eye as your first Perk and can actually save you and your surrounding teammates from enemy Predator Missiles; even enemy Stealth Bombers! Destroying an enemy Predator Missile, however, is the only Assault Reward that is destroyable that counts towards your Strike Chain. This is invaluable considering how many people prefer the Predator Missile to do their dirty work. In game modes on GW like CF or Domination, the Trophy System excels in helping stem enemy grenade spam (up to two) at key points. Imagine your whole team with TSs and never getting Flashbanged, Stunned, C4'd, etc, at all, to see the enemy then advancing with no upper hand on your front line.






      Perk 2 is very important considering that ACOG's further decrease your weapon's respected ADS speed. Quick Draw pretty much make the time it takes "from the ready" to looking into the ACOG seem like no time at all. This allows you to not give up your ability to take out tangos at Medium Range and closer, however, at CQC hip firing the ACR is recommended. Your Stinger takes quite awhile to ADS as well. This perk allows you to ADS right away giving you less time to lock on when time is needed anyways (without utilizing Blind Eye's Pro). Quick Draw's Pro allows you to deploy your TS at blazing speeds and throwing your knife in a blink of an eye, leaving your victom stund in disbelief.


      Perk 3, once again, is key to winning "heads up fights." When coming in contact with a tango, ADS (if not in ADS already which is recommended). Then, strafe to your right or left while assualting your opponent. To continue to move forward towards your opponent is pointless, virtually presenting yourself as a "stationary target". Moving very fast to your right or left throws their thinking prosses off, and going to prone after strafing can further provent you from being killed and not winning the fight. Delayed enemy traps is always good.


      Now this Strike Chain is pretty much the best on the game when it comes to Long to Medium Range Maps and team Support.


      At 5 kills, Bullistic Vest. Protection! XP! O.K!

      Five more kills, at 10, the Recon Drone. This toy is impeccable! There is nothing better, and NO the Advance UAV is not better then the Recon Drone because the AUAV doesn't pick up enemies with Assassin Pro. The Recon Drone does by allowing you to tag them regardless of Perk use and represents them as a moving red dot, just like a UAV dot. While using an AUAV with the Recon Drone gives you the Blackbird effect from Black Ops.  This is the best because it gives "live" intell to your teammates and gives you 20 points of XP for each Tag and Assit Kill. Furthermore, everytime your teammates kill a tango, you can tag them over and over and over again. Flare capiable and very small makes this drone very hard to destroy if you know how to use it right. Learning how to fly this thing is key. This allows you to discover short cuts that only the Recon Drone can use as well as trajectory and speed in which to nail your mark without bumping into anything. It also last for a comfortable amount of time, one min; enough time to even tag the entire enemy team six or more times.

      Eight more kills, at 18, EMP, enough said, right? I've been able to pull of three of these in one match. This reward is devastating.


      Deathstreak is Juiced for the simple fact that your running an AR Loadout and needing to get back into action after being killed four times in a row is accentual.


      Next up- Support SMG Loadout. Also, I guess I really don't care for replies. As long as you all are ready this to the very end; thats all I care about. But still if you have any comments or input, feel free. God Bless and just have fun; but don't get killed for no reason, o.k? Amature mistakes sting harder then the death.

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          Re: MUST READ # 7!!! BEST CLASSES ON MW3, PERIOD!!!

          Not a big fan of the ACOG because it takes up so much of your screen, giving more blind sponts, and you have the slower ADS also.  Personally, I like the iron sights on the ACR, not to obtrusive and without the optics I can stick on a silencer and keep myself off the radar. I also don't have to worry about the other team detonating an EMP and making the ACOG essentially useless for 60 seconds.  Even with the silencer I find it isn't really a problem to take out a long range target. 


          I'm not a fan of the recon drone, just because it keeps me out of the action and I play mostly with randoms, so I want to make sure that I'm out capping objectives or getting kills depending on the game type. 


          Other than those ponts (which are entirely personal preference), pretty sound class.

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              Re: MUST READ # 7!!! BEST CLASSES ON MW3, PERIOD!!!

              Your right about everything you said. However, I think you missed my key points: this Loadout is meant for Long to Medium Range Maps. Chances of having your sight obscured at Long to Medium Ranges are slim to none. Secondly, having Quick Draw enables you to ADS, even with an ACOG Scope, blazing fast. Thirdly, even though, in the event of an Enemy EMP, you could loose the use of your ACOG. It's as easy as simply using the middle of the empty scope. Chances are, with you giving your team Bullestic Vests, giving your team live intel on the field of enemy movement with the Recon Drone, no one enemy is going to be able to get enough kills to deploy an EMP; let alone being EMP'd themselves.

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              Re: MUST READ # 7!!! BEST CLASSES ON MW3, PERIOD!!!

              alot of cons really


              recon drone is too long away from the game and could be a waste of time on such modes as tdm and kc. domination is the best. I wouldn't do acog but holo or just supressor with impact replacing drone with auav or sb.


              trophy system is good for caping flags not for fast pace games like kc or ydm. mb you need to learn about the logistics of the game before trying to make these things? as most of this is a little bit of a n00b trying it on. Not having a dig but its silly.


              Acr? assualt rifle doesnt need scavenger, you have stinger equip, so use blind eye. u get more xp with this and if pro its quicker to help the team out in sticky situations.


              Throwing knife is a waste of lethal, if your running around, you need a quick sticky or frag to confuse the enemy, match that with a concuss grenade, an acr can quickly deal with a whole tango team within 10seconds.


              and running quickdraw is also pointless as your going to be slower with an acog sight or holo. if supressor, then yes maybe but assassin or overkill is a better option.


              but you did put stalker and quickdraw together which is good advice both want ads kills. QD has a time limit, i just spam the l1 button to get the quickdraw quickly,


              then again i use specialist and have QD as my first perk after hardline as my default.


              nice advice but wrong loadouts for modes in sections.

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                  Re: MUST READ # 7!!! BEST CLASSES ON MW3, PERIOD!!!

                  Once again your right, however, your missing key points.  Advise: if you think negative you think it into existence. Like the old saying,"If you say you can't, you won't. So, with this class, your getting Recon Drones all day. Your providing Ballistic Vest to your team making them and yourself (at least) harder to kill. The ACOG is because I'm only using this Loadout for Long Range to Medium Range Maps. Quick Draw helps your ADS even with an ACOG; I don't even understand what you meant about that; it just works better it's like no time at all. Ok so I only use the Trophy System on enemy Predator Missiles adding to my strike chain, which I'm sure you missed judging on what you said about the Recon Drone. If I'm destroying enemy Predator Missiles, two every spawn, destroying enemy UAV with my Stinger, also up to two every spawn, while the whole time racking up kills, Recon Drones all day. You said,"and running quickdraw is also pointless as your going to be slower with an acog sight or holo..." Contradiction 1; "mb you need to learn about the logistics of the game before trying to make these things? as most of this is a little bit of a n00b trying it on. Not having a dig but its silly..." Contradiction 2, and,"QD has a time limit," Contradiction 3; what?! It's not called "Slow Draw." Using an ACOG and Quick Draw makes sence if the ACOG further slows your ADS.  Ok, I run Scavenger because I'm not about to run out of ammo and my secondary is a Stinger after "spamming" my "quick sticky." I also said I only use the Throwing Knife for "cancel reload" kill an enemy. I'm not throwing it for any reason. And about your specialist, quick draw being first. I would win those fights because I'm already IN ADS while you have to enter it regardless of having Quick Draw or not. Having Quick Draw was to utilize it's Pro for the TS and ADSing the Stinger. Being able to ADS an ACOGed AR is given. Maybe you should have read the whole discussion before becoming opinionated. 

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                  Re: A MUST READ! #7 OF "BEST CLASSES ON MW3, PERIOD!

                  Its a lot easier to use hardline for 2nd perk and get QD later. I love the ACOG sight on this gun, but its better when you have silencer and ext. mags first, and earn QD later. Also I don't have to Ads in a gunfight if I use steady Aim. You point out that stalker is important, and it is. But what happens when you are at close range? Also if you aren't using your throwing knife, then why have it? I would rather put C4 or a sticky to get kills when you have to reload. I use the stinger so I can take enemy killstreaks out quick. I would rather use an emp or stealth bomber or SAM turret. Plus how are

                  n00bs gonna get the ACR at level 1-49?!?!?! A lot of cons, but good class for 20-30 kill gameplays. Also, I would use specialist or assault instead of support.

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