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    CoD: Black Ops Zombies Wii

           Honestly, why do Activision and Treyarch only care about xbox and ps3? It's like they wait till 10 days before the game comes out to start making it for the wii.  There is a channel on the Wii where you can buy stuff so why can they not put the zombie map packs on there? Thousands upon thousands of people would buy it. My guess is that they are just to lazy, the wii has worse graphics so what I am guessing is that they just don't want to make the zombie maps in the lower detail. But wait, the ps3 has worse graphics than the xbox. So that makes very little sense. Yes I know that it is not by very much but none the less, they are worse. If they are not going to do anything like the zombie maps than they should at least give us a plausible reason on why they can not make the maps. Right now they have no reasons. I have 2 guesses on why. 1.(This one I think is the right one) They are too god damn lazy. Tens of thousands of people are going to quit playing these games eventually. Like mw3 on the wii. It went from 40,000 people on adverage on at a time, to 8000. Because the xbox gets everything. 2. Because of the hackers. There is only one thing you can do to them at this point. BAN THEM! Like my little brother was playing this game called "Runescape" the other day. All he does is complains about it because of all the bots and **** that are on there. I quote this from him. "If i was a mod i could ban half of these ******* in a day!" Like the company that made the game tried to get rid of them one day or something. They failed miserably. I watch him play it for a little bit. In 10 min he could get rid of more of the bots than the people that work for the company could. My point is, make trust worthy players "Player Mods" they send like a ban report or whatever to the Treyarch company  or whatever, they look it over, if the person seems to be hacking. Bam! 1 less hacker to worry about. And i was actually looking up the hackers who make all the codes. They all say! "Not For Use In Public Matches!" And half of the kids who hack are literally little kids. You can tell because most of the players have mikes or however you spell it. And when they talk, all you hear is a high pitched voice yelling at there mom to let them play another 5 min. Or what they could also have, is people from their god damn company play it and they could ban more than half of them. You can clearly tell who hacks on the game too. 1 way to tell is, if you sit in a corner or something they come out from behind a wall (already shooting at you so they don't die from being slow) and they kill you. Either they are hacking or they are just really freaken lucky. But in the case of being lucky you would have killed them. They have less than a 10% chance of actually killing you if they dont have a recon plane up. 2. They get more than 25 kills with less than 5 deaths. Honestly, no one is good enough to get those kind of kdr. It is very hard to do that because it is almost impossible to get the killstreaks that give you tons and tons of kills. Like dogs, if a guy is getting dogs almost every match, they are hacking. No it is not skill, and it is definitly not luck. Every gun has a flaw, like the famas's recoil almost always gets me killed after about my 4th kill, or if the guy is at a very long distance(but i have learned to not hold the button in and to tap shoot), in a killstreak. I'm 8th prestige with 29 days played and 34,000+ kills and 12,000+ deaths. I almost always get about 4 kills a life, my kdr would be a 3.8 or higher if there were no hackers. Even if the people are like hardcore good at the game, I can still pull a 15 kill 6 death game, because i don't go charging at people for kills, along with deaths. I also have 1k more losses in matches because I leave on games where there is a hacker or a really good guy, or i just really hate the map, like nuketown. I despise that map.... I always get about 10 kills 10 deaths on that map because you turn around a corner, a guy from the otherside of the map could no scope you. I also really don't like havanna because of campers. That is the n.1 camping map. All the doorways have a spot you could camp at where only people straight infront of you could kill you. I am getting off topic entirely. But I felt they needed to be said, Treyarch better have one really fucken good reason for not giving us the special treatment they give the xbox players and ps3 players. Otherwise they are going to be ****** when it comes to wii players buying their games. Its a couple zombie maps, it can't be that freaken hard to make them. The only "special" thing they have ever given Wii players is "Nuketown 24/7", and for people like me who hate that map entirely. That was the dumbest thing they could have done.