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    (XBOX) Team Legacy is recruiting 21+ years old, 2.00 k/d min, founder elite clan, apply today

      We are looking for players who have a minimum of a 2.00 K/D on their stats (overall clan kd at the moment is 2.19) and are 21 years and older only.  Looking for members who are on a near daily basis.  We focus highly on communication, so if you don't talk, don't bother to apply.


      Only interested in dedicated and serious players who are looking for a long term team.  We compete on GB and we are Elite Founder status, currently level 16. 


      If you would like to tryout, please go to our website www.teamlegacyhq.com/recruitment and submit an application (check back on your applications for directions on who to add and how tryouts will be formated). Just as a heads up, tryouts will consist of both public and private matches so we can get a feel for how you play and how you'd do during a GB match.


      If you have any questions, feel free to ask but please post on our team forums for the fastest response. We spend all day on our website and check this one occassionally so if you need answers then post them to our site for fastest response.


      Please note our most common games we play are DOM, TDM, Team Defender, and Kill Confirmed.  We do also play other game types.  We are a North America based clan and are only recruiting NA players.


      Visit to register to apply:





      Thanks for your interest


      ~Team Legacy