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    How To Deter/Punish Quitters

      The worst thing about Zombies is quitters, especially when they are host. What we need is some sort of punishment/deterrence system....

      • When you are host it should say "End Game" instead of "Quit Game".
      • A ranking system could help. Maybe if you quit, you lose a rank.
      • A statistic for the amount of games played that is split into 4 stats.
      • Games Finished= If you get Game Over or complete a "Beatable Mode". 
      • Games Ended= If you select "End Game" and you are the host.
      • Games Quit= If you select "Quit Game" when you are not host.
      • Unexplained Ended Games= If a game ends due to none of the above.
      • If you quit, you get a tag for 2 hours that alerts others you're a quitter. mozyman12's idea
      • A strike system. Maybe if you quit 10 times in 1 week, you get banned for 1 day. WolfRidge's idea


      If you have any ideas about how to punish/deter quitters, post them below and I will add them to the list

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