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    No Astronaut/George type of zombies.


      They just are annoying as hell, there is no reason to add them.

      I have been downed so many times because astronaut zombie is hiding behind door or some one just makes george angry and you get cornered because it.

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          You know, George and those Astronauts have feelings too.  They want to play zombies just as much as you do.

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            You Mad Bro?

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              Nope sis

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                Noon reason to add them? It makes the game harder. Harder= more fun. Can't take a away all of the difficulties in the game. It also keeps the ******* from camping and getting high when they suck.

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                  I agree. There is no need for them. I think zombies has gone downhill since they have started to add "special" zombie types. All the maps with the exception of shangra la were great, but the non-sensical additions of Georga A. Romero & The Astronaut, were just annoying. I mean, is it even zombies anymore? Last time I checked Zombies don't go wielding a glowing camera and hit people with it. It would have made more sense to add the Grim Reaper since the Grim Reaper represents death.


                  I believe the biggest pain for the community is all the effort you need to put in just to kill the astronaut and romero. Considering you have to get the vr11, then spend 5000 points just to upgraded it so it has the ability to kill Romero is just plain ridiculous. The Astronaut just go away for a couple of rounds and return again then you have to re-defeat it.


                  However, Treyarch is cool because they did add the Grim Reaper on the multiplayer map convoy. The Grim Reaper was on a billboard. So that was cool that they listed to my idea.


                  Another thing that is annoying is the "special" zombies like in shangra la they had fire and ice zombies which I didn't like to much. I can honestly say that shangra la was my least played zombie map.


                  I didn't hate the Black Ops zombie maps (except for shangra la). What I disliked were ideas such as adding george romero, the astronaut, etc. All they (George A. Romero, The Astronaut) did was get in the way. They were annoying.


                  If they do bring in ideas such as romero and the astronaut, they need to be less of a hassle to deal with. Not every zombie map needs to have "special" zombies. Have some with "Special" zombies and some maps with just normal zombies.


                  What I mentioned above is just targeted at the horde mode. Treyarch can do whatever they want with the new modes because I'm assuming they will have zombie teamdeath match and having romero or the astronaut won't be as a big of a deal because if I die, then i can just respawn, rather then turning a corner on round 30 something and having the astronaut take me by surprise and killing me.

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                    They made zombies interesting. They all did what they were desgined to do, which means they worked well. George: Removes you from your camping spot. Napalm Zombie, Suicicde bomber that also forces you to move location. Shrieker zombie: fast attck zombie that blurs your vision before other zombies kill you. Astronaut zombie, same as george. It stops noobs running stupid circles of noobness

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                      I'm not a noob. I'm pretty good at zombies.

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                        They should also alternate maps.


                        What I mean by this is that the 1st map could have "special" zombies while the 2nd map just has normal zombies then the 3rd map would have "special" zombies and the 4th map would have normal zombies, etc.

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