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        20. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

        I'm totally with you. I havn't played Call Of The Dead since January because of George.  I wouldn't mind a different type of zombies like monkeys or dogs though. Maybe every 10 or so rounds zombies with some sort of special futuristic technologies could swarm the map, but not just one invincible zombie.

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          21. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

          HE'S NOT INVINCIBLE!!!

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            22. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

            True true, but personally I would rather not spend 20 minutes shooting George in the head with a Sniper Rifle, unless i had Deadshot, but that would add up to alot of points... 5000 to upgrade, 950 at the least to get it from the box, and 2000 for deadshot and more for all the doors up do deadshot, putting that as an expensive way to kill George, rather than just getting the Death Machine drop a few times and spamming George. Way easier!

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              23. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

              haha, i only flop him if i don't want to waste precious ray gun ammo. Yeah, i normally use a death machine or the Scavenger, but i won't use the VR11 lazarus, just because i want my Wunderwaffe and perk bottle haha. Also, you say its a lot for a dragunov, but to be fair, normally by round 20, ill have near 100,000 points to spend. Points are easy to come by, and the PaP'd Dragunov killed 4 zombies, 1 bullet on round 35 for me haha, its worth it

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                24. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

                May I ask if you play Solo? Just wondering, because with 2 players (how i play) points are much more dear and George is much easier to kill with only 250,000 health. At higher rounds when i already have the perks i need i just hit him with the Lazarus, much easier, that's how I got to round 35 (ran out of time) yesterday, but flopping him is possible.

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                  25. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

                  Actually he has 400k for 1 player, 666.666k for 2 players, 833.333 for 3 players and 1million for 4 players. I've said this before but the easiest way to kill him is with a PaP'ed Dragunov. It does 10000 per headshot and has 80 bullets (800000 damage in total) leaving only 200000 health if you're playing with 4 players. The Hyena Infra Dead in comparison only does just under 370000 damage with max ammo.

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                    26. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

                    The easiest way is to take him to the lake near Stamin-Up. Keep switching sides so that George stays in the water which makes it easier to headshot him. The Dragunov is really easy to get headshots on George with and it would take nowhere near 20 minutes. Even if you take your time aiming, it takes less than 5 minutes to pull off 80 shots.


                    The death machine is very effective against George but it doesn't get dropped that often. That means you won't be able to kill him more than twice in a match by using this method alone. If you use the Dragunov method, it is very easy to get all 8 perks before round 25.


                    It may seem a bit expensive but you would end up paying out a lot more if you killed him with any other weapons (except for the L96A1). Also, it is the easiest way to get all 8 perks so I think that justifies the cost too.

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                      27. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

                      yes and no, occassionally play solo. Mainly i'm more social than that and play with friends . I just get someone to flop him when everyone else goes to get their guns/PaP/buy a perk/do the easter egg.

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                        28. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

                        I wonder why so many here hate camping because its not by far good tactic in zombies.

                        Its fun and intense but it sucks ammo FAST.


                        Kiting aka making zombie trains is more easier and better solution. So just adding George/Astronaut to prevent camping is stupid reason, what does it even harm you if some one camps? Its team based game to kill a lot of zombies.


                        I liked Shangri-La napalm zombies and shrieker zombies, also dogs and monkeys are nice. But George and Astronaut are just plain annoying.


                        Haven't you ever went trough a door and for your surprise there is Astronaut waiting in the air pocket section?

                        Its just annoying, they could actually make zombies harder in SO many other ways.

                        I mean Astronaut and George don't actually make the game harder but add annoying random deaths.

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                          29. Re: No Astronaut/George type of zombies.

                          i liked the Astronaut and George i just wish they would have when about it a different way when it comes comes to them spawning i think it would have been better if when you killed George and the astronaut they wouldn't come back for an other five or so rounds or how ever many times you have killed them is how many rounds they will go away for.

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