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    Domestic Tactics wants you!

      Hey guys, been looking for a clan for awhile now, but decided to start my own. I've got multiple invites from clans, but not one was a "qualfity" clan. I've decided to create Domestic Tactics (-DT-) for the Playstation 3. This clan will be for low competitive gamers and high competitive gamers. Domestic Tactics will do Clan operations and GB. Although for clan operations we are a level 1.. We will NOT focus on clan operations as other clans do. Most clans revolve around clan operations. Which is a waste, considering Call of Duty Black Ops 2 clan operations are not confirmed yet, although will probably happen anyways.



      - Age 14+

      - K/D 1.00 +

      - Microphone

      - Clan Email(To be reached on by clan, and for updates)

      - Elite premium (NOT A REQUIREMENT!)



      - Maturity

      - Respect towards clan members

      - Activeness

      - Dedication


      Looking for the following

      - Elite Premium members

      - Dedicated members to help run the clan!


      Backround information: 16 years old, central time zone, usually play later at night.


      EMAIL: amaze_rage@yahoo.com

      PSN: LiL_RaGEzz


      Website: http://www.dtclan.enjin.com

      Twitter: Coming Soon

      Facebook: Coming Soon


      APPLY: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3166013#clan-challenges




      Looking for an Elite clan to merge into Domestic Tactics. Clan must be rank 10+ doesn't matter the size of the clan, although they must merge into Domestic Tactics. Meaning they must follow by our rules. The leader of the clan will recieve a Co-Leading position. All members are welcome.