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    Evacuated Gaming is now recruiting! *25 Active Members* *Clan Website, Elite, GB, Pub Stomp* *Xbox 360*

      Evacuated Gaming, better known as eG was established by eG Rushyy in May 2012. eG is a Xbox 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 clan, age 15+, that provides a wide variety of gaming experience.


      Looking to join eG?

      Are you tired of random teams on CoD? Problem solved! Join Evacuated Gaming, and you won't have to put up with those players that refuse to go for the objective. We accept all types of players, competitive or casual? We have a place for you!



      How to join eG?

      If you are interested in joining eG first you need to register. Than you will need to submit an application here:http://evacuatedgaming.enjin.com/recruitment. Once you are finished if your application gets accepted you will be put into a Trial group for 1 week. The Trial group is to make sure you are going to be active on MW3 and our forums. If you have passed the Trial week you will be promoted to a Full Member which means you are in Evacuated Gaming and you may add the clantag eG.


      Some of the features you will get to experience as a clan member are:



      eG tournaments and events

      eG scrims, practices and Gamebattles

      Active forums with many interesting topics

      Friendly members always willing to party up

      Great overall clan organization

      And much more!



      Some of the features our site has to offer:


      Forum System

      Message system


      News feed

      Able to see the Online Users

      Able to see the Top Posters

      Recruitment system

      Matches system

      Realtime notifications


      And much more!



      Warmest regards,