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        I love The Fifth Element!


        @ Iron - Cap may be my favorite solo movie but it is by a pretty slim margin.  The top three (Cap , IM, Thor) are all really close. Cap isn't really even my favorite character.   When they are all together I would say I enjoy IM and Thor a little more than I do Cap. (maybe because they have cooler fight scenes?)  I just really liked TFA.

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          Jad you cannot deceive me you have a huge poster of Cap over your bed, lol. The Fifth Element was a good movie. Have you seen 12 monkeys, that was great, confusing and intense.

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            Fifth Element is awesome.  Such insane fun and Bruce Willis was great as always. "I am a meat popsicle" used to be on my profile on the old forums, haha.


            Has it been said yet who's writing the script?


            @Iron - I agree, I like the more mentally balanced Batman than crazy-angry-grouchy Batman.  I'm perfectly fine with him acting like a bit of a jerk, but some writers go way overboard with it.

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              Yep they take Batman to the point where he is pyschotic and mentally unstable, insted of super motivated.

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                Some rumors and speculation on the sequel-



                According to The Playlist, Black Widow and Hawkeye may also be involved in Captain America 2 and there will be some romance between them. The pair of agents shared plenty of screen time with Captain America in The Avengers, and having them fight together again works within the context of a modern-set Captain America story – and would ideally help boost the box office appeal for a film that’s otherwise slightly less bankable than Thor 2 and Iron Man 3.

                • Bucky could be back as Winter Soldier, a Russian Spy. This is something we’ve speculated here on Screen Rant due to actor Sebastian Stan’s multi-picture contract with Marvel Studios and the character’s recent importance in Captain America comics.
                • Hayley Atwell, who played Peggy Carter in Captain America and who has a multi-picture contract, may return to play her own character’s niece, Sharon Carter. Sharon Carter will undoubtedly be the new (save with different hair color?) love interest for Steve Rogers and is another agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
                • The villainous Dr. Arnim Zola (Toby Jones), who served as the scientist responsible for harnessing the power of the Tesseract/Cosmic Cube for the Red Skull, may return in a new form, perhaps something more familiar to his appearances in the books.  Writer Christopher Markus expressed interest in including MODOK (Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing) in Captain America 2 as a villain, and he’s a creation of AIM (Advanced Idea Mechanics) which we know is featured in Iron Man 3 from recent set photos. It’s conceivable that the characters of MODOK and Dr. Arnim Zola could be combined, or that MODOK’s origins could be connected to Zola’s work.

                Nick Fury may get some of his origin story fleshed out as well, which would theoretically lend itself to flashbacks to World War II (which could see other familiar faces returning, including Dominic Cooper’s Howard Stark) since WWII elements are almost an absolute for the Captain America sequel.

                You may get your wish of Hawkeye/BW in the movie, Hawk!

                I was not aware that Haley Atwell had a multi picture deal.  I would love to see her return as I really liked her character, but I'm not so sure it would work to have her play her own niece as (I'm thinking they might have to change that to make Sharon into Peggy's granddaughter or something to get the time frame correct).  I was kind of liking the idea of Amanda Righetti (the girl at the end of TFA) playing Sharon.

                I'm not too keen on the idea of MODOK as the villain, at least in his form seen in the comics.  I don't know how they would pull that off without it looking bad.

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                  If all that's true, when will they ever fight Cap into the movie?


                  I hope they don't go for the Clint and Tasha romance, I'd rather they just expand on their friendship and hook Natasha up with Bucky, if she gets into a romance with anyone.  I think Bucky/Widow makes for a far more interesting romance and I'd just like for a man and woman to be great friends without having to turn it into a romantic subplot.  But just having them in the movie and having a chance to hopefully see the real sarcastic rebellious pain in the ass Hawkeye would be awesome!


                  I agree, it would be great to get Haley back since I thought she was great in TFA.  A bit weird to have her play her own neice/grand neice, but the Sharon Carter romance is a little weird to begin with.  Hopefully they don't make her a granddaughter cause that'd be TOO creepy for me.  At least with a neice you have a little more genetic distance there, haha.


                  I don't think they'd do MODOK and Zola.  They're not the same, but they kinda remind me of each other, ya know?  They're both villains with weird heads and it seems unnecessary to do both in the same movie.

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                    I think it'd definitely be nice to see Winter Soldier, and it'd be cool to involve Clint and Natasha in the movie, especially if they give Clint a chance to actually be interesting, unlike in The Avengers.  You know, actually write a couple of decent lines for him or something.  Course, so many of the rumors that get thrown around at this stage don't end up happening anyways.  I mean, we're still 2 years away from the movie.

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                      Yeah, at this point a lot of stuff is still probably up in the air.  I reckon it'll be a good year before they start filming.

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                        Yeah.  If Iron Man 3 is filming right now, then you'd think we're about a year away from this movie filming, since it's supposed to be in theaters about a year after Iron Man 3.  Doesn't mean we can't complain, though.  We're comic fans, it's what we do best! haha

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                          I love the idea of Winter Soldier being in the movie

                          and I really really hope the rumors about BW and Hawkeye being in the movie are true!
                          but no MODOK, people won't get it and in live-action it will look ridiculous!

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