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        I don't know, we only just got our first Thor trailer a month ago, so I'm not sure they'll have any Cap stuff for a few months still.  It'd be awesome, of course, but I'm not holding my breath or anything.  Never did like spending too much time underwater, so I haven't got much practice at it. 

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          A full trailer to go with Thor is likely since that would be about 5 months before TWS comes out, but I won't be sad if we get a little teaser before that! 

          Here's a nice pic of The Winter Soldier.  I'm sure they will do some CG enhancements on his bionic arm (hence the red dots).  He looks pretty awesome.


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            Nice pic, Jad!  Here's a good concept art of the new Cap costume!  I still wish they would've went with the classic Cap look.

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              A trailer before Thor would be pretty awesome, and it'd make me even more excited to see Thor 2!  But that's a cool picture, and it definitely doesn't make it obvious to the average movie-goer who Winter Soldier is with that mask and everything. 

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                I don't wanna spoil anything, but there's a rumor going around that Cap will wear more than one costume in the movie and the second costume is sure to please a lot of people.  I sure hope its true!

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                  Now, that's pretty interesting... I'm trying to think of what second costume would please a lot of people now...

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                    I love the concept art from the MCU.  I wonder if that version of the suit will make an appearance in the movie.  It looks like a slightly modified TFA suit.  Nice!


                    I'm kind of surprised we're not seeing more stuff on Thor:TDW since that one is coming up next.  I'm hoping to get some good stuff on both that and TWS out of SDCC!

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                      Its hard to tell too much from that concept pic, as pretty as it is, but I heard he'll get his TFA costume back too.  I hope thats true since it's not the same having Cap in the SHIELD uniform.


                      There was a lot of set pics and videos when the movie was being filmed and I just saw some cool posters for Thor.  I'm guessing the press push will be starting up soon.  Hopefully they got all the tension with the director sorted out, I'd hate for the movie to suffer for it when it seems like it should be so awesome.

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                        Tons of info about Cap from Newsarama!  Man, this sounds pretty amazing.  Can't wait till we see a trailer!


                        Feige immediately said, "The next one is Captain America: The Winter Soldier," and brings out the directors, then Frank Grillo, he introduced Emily Van Camp as "Agent 13 aka Sharon Carter!" Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, Anthony Mackie as The Falcon, Sebastian Stan "used to go by the name Bucky Barnes, now Winter Soldier," Samuel L Jackson, Scarlet Johansson as Natasha Romanoff, and Chris Evans, Captain America are all on the stage.

                        Evans says it's better every time he puts on the suit. Cap isn't used to the new morality of the world, "It's harder to know what's right and wrong. Sometimes the actions you have to take certain threats compromise our civil liberties and privacy, and that's hard for Steve to swallow."

                        How integral is Natasha to the story? Johansson: "Integral." Feige: "She and Cap really share this film." Johansson, "She and Cap now have this relationship that they've built. It's an opportunity to see how she is in a more casual working relationship with somebody. It breaks down the barriers that she's put up. You learn more about her each time." She promises the "film is gritty, down, dirty knuckle fighting. A lot of action in this one."

                        How does it feel every time the eyepatch goes on, Sam? "Pretty bad ass!" Jackson says that Fury thinks of these people as "instruments of justice. Tools. But people that he cares about. He and Steve have a way of talking because they're both warriors. But he also knows Steve has a black-and-white view of the enemy and the good guys. he doesn't know how that changed. That's the grey area that S.H.I.E.L.D. works in. Almost everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, and sometimes he has to figure out when he's lying to himself."

                        Sebastian Stan is thrilled to bring this story to the screen, and Feige said that it follows Brubaker's story "pretty close when it comes to Bucky's story."

                        Mackie, on the Falcon says, "I'm introducing Sam Wilson. I have wings and guns! That's all you need! That's what I got! So me and Cap go out and give him the business, her the business, that's what we do. Hand out the business."

                        Feige of the directors, the Russos says "we've always been rewarded by hiring really talented people. Let's show you why we hired them."


                        And it's clip time.

                        It starts with the Triskelion. Cap's in his Super Soldier costume and looks awesome. He's going down an elevator with some guys with guns who have their hands on the holster. He notices, and is worried. One starts to sweat - something is up. Three huge guys get on the elevator. Cap feels like he's being set up (and is probably right). "Before we get started, does anyone wanna get out?" They all attack him, and he systematically DESTROYS them. Insane applause at the end, and he flips his shield into his hand. "I joined SHIELD to protect people," he says to Robert Redford's character. "Captain, to build a better world sometimes means tearing the old one down." Quick shots of supporting castmembers. A new helicarrier. In fact, many of them. "This isn't freedom, this is fear."

                        Black Widow kicking ass. Agent 13, too. Falcon dropping from the helicarrier and extending his wings. A helicarrier going down, and the logo - crowd goes wild. Shield is down in the ground, and Bucky's metal arm picks it up. And scene.

                        Joe and Anthony Russo talking about their film next, Joe says "it stems from 70s style political thrillers. We keep saying this is the best job we've ever had. I've read comics since I was 10 and presenting footage at Hall H is a dream come true."

                        Smulders says Maria Hill's part is "to basically find her way in this new world we find ourselves in."


                        Van Camp said, "It's been awesome and a little bit intimidating" to join this cast. "It's an awesome experience. We can't say too much."

                        Frank Grillo as Brock said, "It's a lot of fun and that's as much as I can say I guess!"

                        Huge round of applause for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and this cast leaves the stage.

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