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        That was a good interview!  Showing Cap's ears is a tiny detail, but it makes the helmet look SO much better and I'm glad they made it work without Chris fearing it made him look like dumbo, haha.  I thought his comments about Scarlet/Natasha was pretty interesting with how the dynamic works and how their being friends in real life gives an extra bit of chemistry on set.


        Did you see the behind the scenes pic of Cap versus Batroc!  I love how they managed to keep the spirit of Batroc's costume, it looks so awesome!  They seem to be doing a fantastic job on the costumes for this movie, they damn well better get the same folks back to do the Avengers: AoU!  Cap's two costumes, Bucky, and Batroc look so good.  It's a shame that Falcon lost all the red, but the wings still look cool.

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          Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.  I also liked the part where he talked about playing the Cap video game.  I didn't play it, but Chris Evans did!  I feel ashamed...


          I actually don't know much about Batroc, so I'm not an expert on his costume.  I'm definitely liking the costumes in the movie so far, though.  Cap's costumes are so much better than his Avengers one, Widow finally has long hair, and Bucky.  Just Bucky.  That's all that needs to be said about his costume. 

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            You should!  It was a pretty fun game.


            I think I like Natasha's hair in Avengers better, but the longer hair is good too! 

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              New Cap trailer!  It looks friggin awesome!  The Winter Soldier looks amazing, he's beating up on everyone!



              Here's another trailer with a different intro and some slightly different footage!


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                This was the highlight of the Super Bowl for me, and technically it wasn't even during the game!  HAHA!


                The movie is looking so amazing.  When WS punched in the car and just ripped out the steering wheel my jaw dropped.  Really really looking forward to this.  Wow.

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                  Just watched the trailer like three times in a row.  So awesome!  This movie might be able to top Avengers as my favorite Marvel movie if it's as good as it looks.  Winter Soldier looks like he's gonna be so awesome, and I don't think we've even heard him say a word.  That tells you just how awesome he should be. 

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                    My favorite part is when Winter Soldier just yanks Falcon outta the air like its nothing and Natasha jumps off the bridge and shoots the grappling gun to swing away from the explosion.  But man, it's so cool.  And I really love the mysterious opening of the second trailer I posted with Natasha's played off the shots of WS waking up groggy from surgery.  And man, the showdown between Cap and WS looks so tense.  I think it might be time to call a blackout since I've already seen so much cool stuff I wanna save some surprises for the movie!  Though I admit, I did see a rumor about the after credits scene and holy crap, guys.  April needs to get here fast!

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                      Oh yeah, that part was awesome!  Man, Winter Soldier's just gonna be crazy cool in this movie.  I can see why they needed to put him in the title.  I'm so excited to see this movie, and we're less than 2 months away!  I'm planning on not seeing anything new about it, so I can keep the surprises for when I actually see the movie.  I'm Avengers-level hyped for this movie. 

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                        Do you plan to buy Thor: Dark World when it comes out this month or ya gonna put it off?  It should tide us over nicely while we wait the long two months for Cap.

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                          I'm planning on waiting because my birthday's in early April, just a few days after Cap goes in theaters, actually.  I figure my brother needs something to buy me for a gift! haha, but I guess I can rewatch Cap and Avengers before Cap 2. 

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