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        Haha, there actually is a report of there being  a Ms. Marvel script, and a script for a Blade reboot.  But I'd take that good Hawkeye movie, too!  With a purple costume with a mask, of course.

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          Haha, yeah, I heard, though I don't take these reports too seriously until there's a director attached.  There were reports at one point of doing a Hawkeye movie, a Black Widow, or a Black Widow and Hawkeye movie, but nothing has come of them.  I think there's a good chance we will see Dr Strange get a movie though.  His name seems to come up a lot in talks of future Marvel projects.

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            Stop ruining all my happiness, Hawk!  haha, but there has been all kinds of crazy rumors over the years.  Remember when we all assumed War Machine was gonna be in Avengers?  I'm really hoping to just see some kind of new solo movie, though, whether it's Dr. Strange or whoever.  Hopefully, Ant-Man ends up being a good one, though it's still shrouded in mystery. 

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              Well RDJ is saying you want me in Avengers 2 & 3, back up the dump truck full of cash boys. He is going to make major bank on those movies, wow.


              Rogue how dare you say you don't want another IM movie and would rather see other Marvel solo movies, how dare you!  Lol, I hear you but for me of course I want another IM in about three years. Again they have made so much money on them that it is inevitable but I really do hope Marvel does come out with a few more solo movies over the next two years. However if they do another Blade or Ghost Rider that will be sad because those movies were just not any good.


              I love Ms. Marvel but I don't think we will see a movie about her as she is completely unkown outside of the comic book world. Daredevil I do like and I acutally thougth the first half of the Ben Afflect DD was good but the second half was pretty bad. What would really rock is a Dr. Druid movie I mean that would be the biggest box office movie ever and would also win the academy award for best picture.


              How in the heck did Dr. Druid ever get into the Avengers, who came up with the concept of Dr. Druid, he was just plan awful, lol.


              I want a Hercules movie Marvel style but I don't you are going to get it as there have been lots of traditional Hercules movies.


              Rogue I guarantee you that Thor 2 will not only not suck but be truly awesome!!! You can take that to the bank.

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                i have some bad news for u guys... dont rele know what to say abt this.. its pretty effed up..




                but a big thumbs up to RDJ for standing up for his fellow avengers!! (Y)

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                  Come on Marvel paying those guys not a lot at the start is one thing but now that Avengers was the third highest grossing movie of all time and IM will make over a billion open up the friggning pocketbook and pay the rest of the Avengers some good dough, you can afford it!! That is just awful and at this point really, really cheap. I mean yeah RDH should get more but not that much more, sheesh.

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                    seriously!! what the hell is wrong with them?!! i guess there's gonna be a lotta changes in avengers 2.. its gonna suck pretty bad if they change the cast..

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                      When asked if we will see Extremis again after IM3, Kevin Feige said "Yes".  So maybe Tony will have the Extremis or Bleeding Edge armor for Avengers 2?


                      Also once Thor 2 and (more likely) Cap 2 come out we will be able to know what SHIELD was up to while the stuff in IM3 was happening.

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                        Thanks for the update Jad but no thoughts on Mike's post?


                        Really that extremis is not off the table as I feel that was a bit of a missed opportunity in the moive and that Stark should have had to extremis himself to beat the extremis enhanciles, would have been cool.

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                          Haha, I'm probably in the minority that doesn't care if the Avengers are recast, assuming the replacements are as good or better than who they replace.  To me, Thor is the last person I'd wanna see replaced because of how well Hemsworth plays him and the guy is just friggin huge, but if he drops out, oh well.  Marvel does have notoriously tight purse strings, but movies are a risky, expensive business.  Now that they've been bought by Disney there's probably a bit more security that if they do put out a bomb they'll still survive, but I think they've got a closer eye on budget/profits than some studios.  Less money they spend, the more profits they can (possibly) make and put back into other movies.  I can see why actors would be pissed by lowball offers, but from Marvel's perspective they've got dozens of characters they can bring in if they don't feel like recasting.  If Scarlet decides she doesn't wanna come back they can write off Black Widow and bring in Ms Marvel or Wasp or She-Hulk or Mockingbird or Tigra or Monica Rambeau.  Some people will be sad to see Widow leave, but then when Marvel shows an awesome clip of Ms Marvel throwing a car they'll get excited again.