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        I hear you Hawk but fair is fair, Marvel has made huge bank with their last two films and they should up the ante for a few of the Avengers as they can know afford it.

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          I'd say the biggest issue is that a lot of fans want to see most of the actors back in the same roles, and we're the people spending all that money to see the movies, so they should be willing to spend that money to keep good actors and actresses around, rather than lining the CEO's pockets with it, you know?

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            I think you're undestimating the cost of making movies a bit, it's not lining the pockets of CEOs as much as you'd think.  The budget for the Avengers was 220 million dollars and that's with lowballing most the stars.  Let's say you give each of the stars, not named RDJ, a 5 million dollar bonus and that's tacking on another 30 million dollars to the budget.  You could argue that it doesn't matter when the movie makes a billion dollars at the box office, but that's looking at the math in a vacuum.  Yeah, the Avengers has a profit of 800 million bucks, but what about the other movies that Disney is producing?  Not all of them are gonna have that much ridiculous profits.  Disney is gonna put out movies that lose them money and movies that barely break even.  The success of the Avengers will be a big help to ensure that Disney's quarter finances are in the black rather than the red. And that's not counting for how a 5 million dollar increase will effect future Marvel movies.  Obviously, Iron Man 3 didn't have any trouble raking in the cash, but what about Thor 2?  Or Cap 2, which is gonna have Evans, Scarlet, and Sam Jackson in it?  That pushes up their budgets and hoping that their box office will see an increase to cover it.  And you also have to bet that in five years when Avengers 3, Cap 3, Thor 3, etc that people will still care about these characters so that their box office numbers will cover the budget.


            Now, granted, that's a lot of hypotheticals and guesses and I know that actors do have a pretty big impact on how well a movie does and there's a lot of people that will watch the movie just because of RDJ or whichever actor they like is in it.  And I can understand how a lot of people might be on the actors side.  They're the ones we see on the screen, they're the ones that do all the interviews, they're the ones that bring the characters to life.  It's why any actors are able demand so much money and studios are willing to give it to them.  But the actors get paid no matter how bad a movie may bomb and RDJ doesn't have to explain to the investors why they lost millions of dollars.  Actors get to cash their pay check and walk away.  Producers, Executives, CEOS - not so much.  Though that's not to say CEOs don't make huge piles of money, they do even when their projects fail, but they've got a lot more responsibilities.  Though neither CEOS or the Avengers cast are hard up for money.


            So, I guess, what I'm saying is that I'm indifferent, but can certainly understand why Disney/Marvel Studios is trying to lowball the actors and why the actors would be pissed about it.

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              Hawk you are right the studio wants to limit costs and there is no doubt what they pay the actors is a big part of the budget so I get them trying to make the best possible deal and pay the actors as little as possible. But when your movie does 1.6 billion dollars in business and you are one of the main characters and you get 500,000 I totally get why you might feel a little bit ripped off or at the very least upset when you try to negotiate up for the next movie and the studio wants to play it cheap after the thrid highest grossing movie of all time. Marvel can threaten to cut them out of the moive but really the majority of fans are not going to like it and it will get negative press for the movie, which nobody wants. So I do think the studio needs to negotiate in good faith and threatening to replace an actor who was underpaid the first movie after one of the greatest financial successes in movie history is not negotiating in good faith. The other Avengers deserve a raise, maybe it wont be 5 millioin but they should get a raise. Also how Disney or Marvel do on other films, while relevant to the studio is not relevant to Hemsworth nor should an actor care as their work in their movies is what they should get paid for. So I get it the studios are running a business and they want to keep their bottom line costs down but you also have to be realistic and in this case Marvel is being unfair and unrelastic to think that Hemsworth and company should not demand and get more money for Avengers 2. That is the cost of having a super successful film if you want to make it a sequel you have to pay the actors more. Marvel is being a bit too tight here.

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                Haha, I don't argue that the cast deserves a raise, just that it isn't a black and white situation where they the studio can say "Sure, guys, have a big chunk of money we earned from the Avengers".  They gotta try to weigh how much an indivudal actor is worth and that's a hard thing because of the particular situation of the Marvel movie universe.  The idea of having three solo franchises converge into a team movie has never been done before.  How much of the billion dollars is based on the spectacle of this brave new world of movie continuity, how much on solo films garnering their own fans, and how much is based on The Avengers just being a damn good movie.  Obviously, RDJ has proven he's a big box office draw so he gets a big paycheck, but how do you put a price on the contributions of Hemsworth or Evans?  Will people care about Thor and Cap's solo movies as much as they do RDJ and Iron Man?


                Pile that on top of all the studio finances and I'm just not comfortable painting either side as money grubbing jackasses.  Obviously everyone involved wants to earn dumptrucks full of cash and I don't think that makes them evil to want to.  I'm sure my thoughts are coming off really scattered, haha, suffice to say I'll leave all the math to the execs and lawyersto figure out.  I only wanna know whenever I'll get a proper Hawkeye in my next Avengers movie, haha.

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                  I do enjoy debating with you Hawk, lol. Yeah I don't think Marvel is being evil, I just don't think they are negoatiating in good fath. However you are right in a team movie how do you determine who should get what? Like you said in the case of Downey his is the most marketable star and is going to get paid or really he has the leverage to get what he wants. How I see it is that both Evans and Hemsworth have a successful movie under their belts and the Avengers so they should get more than Scarlett and the rest because their movies made a pretty decent profit and Avengers killed it. However I do think it will all work out, Marvel wants to make Avengers 2 with the existing cast in place and the actors want to be part of such a huge success. I think Marvel will pay a bit more to keep the cast together.

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                    Sounds like the rumors about the actors being angry might not be true.  Mark Ruffalo, at least, says he hasn't heard anything about it and doesn't think anyone is renegoiating yet.  He also said he expects to be back even if they do recast, so Rogue can now rejoice his favorite actor will be back, haha.

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                      Yes!  haha, but Ruffalo was awesome in Avengers, so of course I'm happy he's going to be back.  Hopefully, the rumors about the issues aren't totally true, though it's not like Ruffalo really wants to announce to the world that there's problems, either, I think.  At least, not at this early stage. 

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                        Even if there are issues I am positive they will work them out. Marvel wants the original cast back that is for sure and even if the money isn't exactly what some of the stars want the exposure is huge and leads to other parts. Hemsworth would have not gotten Snow White without Thor and Avengers opened even more doors for him.


                        So IM3 will go over a billion this week, which is astounding to me. I thought it would do well but it is on pace to do more both domestically and internationally than any of the Nolan Batman movies, which makes me pretty happy since I get sick of Dark Knight fan boys trashing IM and stating how the last three Batman movies are the best superhero movies ever. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed all three of the Batman movies, but out of all three of them the most compelling performance was done by the villain and while I like Bale he played Bruce Wayne with almost no personality at all. In the comic Wayne has an understated charisma or charm but now it seems that Batman has to be all dark, dour and intense to the level of being obnoxious. I do like Nolan as a director but always felt his fight choereography was disjointed and hard to watch or appreciate, Bale's gravely voice as Batman was always a distraction and the third movie had so many plot holes in it that I lost count. But even with those issues I did really enjoy all three movies but they are far from perfect and feel more like a noir movie than a superhero movie.


                        So IM might be on pace to be the fourth highest grossing movie of all time behind Avengers at #3, pretty cool.

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                          Haha, I don't think the Dark Knight fans would stop if IM3 makes 2 billion dollars.  You should definitely rewatch Batman Begins since it's really not that dark.  Bruce does go through a dark period in the flashbacks, but he doesn't spend the entire movie sulking.