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    BO2 Zombies n multiplayer ideas

      We loved the way black ops zombies turned out it was awesome so I'm you treyarch som black ops 2 zombie ideas. 1- keep the 4 player gameplay 2-have the same perks jug, double tap, quick revive, speed cola, dead shot dequiri, mule kick and add new one like ammo make it like $5000 (amm-o-matic) replace phd flipper and stamin up  I also recommend that u could put in about 10 perks. 3- pack-a-punch was cool as include equipment like clay mores, grenades and knife ect 4- make 4 player gameplay without playing online and have more maps instead of 3 get rid of dead ops arcade it was terrible 5- make mystery box have every single gun in the game inside it, n have it were someone gets mystery box n a weapon come up n they don't like it they could press like x (PS3) n the gun is up for grabs anyone can take it. 6- have more dlc zombie maps make them all big n have few small like nacht der untoten,  7-  must have teleporters, traps, elevators, zip lines keep them coming for BO2 zombies  try making different and quirky escape routes 8- have a mixture of different types of gun classes on the wall like lmg, smg, pistols, assault rifles, shotguns and equipment , knives 9- have a mixture of zombie bosses like scientist that took ur gun, george romero I hate George hard to kill him ur choice if u want to put similar boss on BO2 zombies, hell hounds, not monkey I hated them n pretty sure everyone else did also, I suggest that u keep hellhounds it's a tradition for zombies I like them an afterwards u reward yourself with max ammo. Make different zombie bosses for BO2 but keep hellhounds. 10- wounded guns n wounded equipment keep them coming they were great love to see something similar to the gyrsch device ray gun, scavenger, wounded waffle, winters howle make different  like awesome looking n powerful but keep it same as BO zombies higher the round the more bullets it takes to kill. 11- Easter eggs treyarch u must have them for BO2 zombies might be challenging for some people but it gives u something to do while playing and have bigger rewards for completing the Easter egg like death machine for 2 minutes, money reward, perk reward, specialty weapon rewards that u can't get from mystery box or wall or unlock bonus rooms. 12-  just another mention about pack-A-punch make the weapons come out with larger ammo magazines n sights like in black ops also keep the pack-a-punch lazer bullets n the weird cool looking gun camo looks but maybe change colour of the lazer bullets and the camo maybe n with launchers for example grenade launcher have it come out of pack a punch with exploding fire balls n duel wield or something be creative for BO2 zombies 13- glitches there should be 2 different game lobbies one with glitches and one with out so it's like one game for serious players n other for a muck around match. 14-  those random perks that drop when u kill a zombie they are sweet as make them the same and add new ones as well, like one that gives u money $5000 or something or gives u random perk, pack a punch cheap as like $1000 like in black ops 1, keep death machine, max ammo, nuke, fire sale, insta-kill, cut n tag (window repair), I reckon u guys could squeeze in about 10 random perk drops 15- have trophies for each of the zombie maps like one of them being the Easter egg getting completed or reaching in game $100000 game credits, not letting hellhounds touch anyone once in one round or killing zombie boss 16- I hate it  when you r up to a very high round in zombies and the host quits the game for some reason. Have it were you migrate host n u keep playing. 17- Make the maps flow so wen u r in trouble there is like an escape route eg teleporter or something.         Treyarch I got one last thing to say nothing to do with zombies it's for multiplayer online don't copy Infinity wards MW3 with its gun rank thing it's terrible and also the 3 different kill streak option its awfull to, keep your layout from black ops but put in more kill streaks instead of like the 12 u have put in like 20 of them ranging from 3 kills to 15 kill streak. Keep your custom emblem creator that is sweet as lot of people are creative as and also your cod credit to buy your guns, perks, title and emblem better than ranking up to unlock everything like MW3.  Quick scoping make it harder like black ops because mw3 quick scoping is ridiculous people running around the map with a sniper like it is a machine gun love the guns in black ops keep them the same but add new one guns would be awesome. Got a good mention don't go over board with the invisible Barriers make so u can hide in small bushes and grass like in black ops, mw3 u can't hide in anything they put barriers on everything they see and bring back something similar to nuke town that is the best map of all time make it so u can go inside the house in between the 2 homes u can go inside  so it's 3 houses u can go inside. I love black ops n I know u will bring out a awesome game can't wait.