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    The reason why I think MW3 is a boring and dull game

      I am making this thread to make myself feel important and I don't care about your opinion because your opinion is wrong. /Sarcasm



      Well, obviously I'm gonna start with a paragraph long story.


      The last two days, I have been playing MW3 private matches. So far, its been fun(i even went into my first pub in ages. It was great because it was on bootleg, where the spawns aren't so crappy and the map design isn't complete garbage..only partial garbage. Also, nobody was using FMG9s..).

      Why was it fun? Because I was playing private matches, and it was all fun and games until someone pulled out the squeaker gun(talking to you soviet ).

      I'm getting off topic....well, the reason I think MW3 is such a bad game is because...well, I have played 5 CoD titles so far. I played W@W at its peak in PS3, Reflex for a whole year, BO for eternity, MW3 for a few months and CoD1 for a few days(lol). As we all know, CoD games are extremely repetitive. Every CoD game is basically the same thing. Point and shoot, ahh cool russian guy, ohh america wins again, wooo shoot shoot  oh you are dead and you suck, let me reward you. Yeah.... Well, with CoD(as with any other game), there's a learning cycle. At first, you are the noob(I was so at W@W), then you become a student(i was so in reflex..i was picking up pointers from all the pros that owned the crap out of me.) Then you become the Master ( i was so in BO.....getting dogs basically every match. I was awesome at BO until after summer, when the next learning phase came in...). Then you become the "idga this game anymore". That was me in the later months of BO and the beggining of MW3. I guess what i'm trying to say is that CoD is not a fun game FOR ME anymore because I have already learned everything that CoD can teach me and I am now ready to move on to new things. CoD is like that first girlfriend. She's not the prettiest person in the world, but you learn a lot from the relationship and eventually when you do break up, you move on to better relationships, because you are more experienced and you can handle more. You sometimes go back to it(her?) for old times sake, but it will never be the same again.


      Do you understand what point I'm trying to get across?