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        Nice article Hawk, that was pretty funny. I'm 6'2 and my first wife was 6 feet tall and my second wife was 5'1 so I can tell you about height differences, lol. Ugh that sounds bad first wife and second wife, lol.


        Sounds like Natalie gets to slap everybody, maybe she slaps Odin too, lol.

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          Hawk - no big plans for the birthday.  I think his cake this year is actually going to be a basketball or football.  I'm sure he'll have a superhero cake at some point.

          I may end up seeing the movie on a date with my wife this weekend.....just need to get a babysitter!

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            @Iron - Haha, I'm sure his big bushy beard would cushion the blow.


            @Jad - Does he know much about sports at his age or just likes to play with the balls?


            Cool, I hope ya get to go!

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              Saw a really cool, short, fight scene where Thor is fighting Malkieth or Kurse and it is a pretty awesome fight and the special effects were incredible.

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                Hawk - he knows a bit.  He can identify the different types of balls.  When I turn on the Broncos games he recognizes that or if he sees a basketball hoop he'll usually say something.


                Anyone see the comedy central short with Loki talking to the kids in the classroom (like those AT&T commercials)?  It's pretty funny.

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                  Less than a day away from Thor!  Has anyone rewatched the first Thor or the Avengers yet!


                  @Jad - You need to show him hockey, the Avs are great this year, haha.


                  I haven't seen that yet.  Do ya have a link?

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                    My post has no spoilers so feel free to read, guys!


                    It's official.  Thor by FAR has the best cameos.  You guys are gonna love it, it's hilarious.


                    The movie itself is awesome!  I thought the first Thor had one of the best emotional moments when Thor sacrificed himself and The Dark World continues that by having several great emotional beats that really push Thor to edge.  I'm sure most of you heard that there's a death in this movie and I thought that person went out with a bang and the aftermath was touching, though I also wish we would've had the characters talk about it a bit more.  But it was a bit heartbreaking to see one character in particular's reaction to it.


                    The action in this movie is top notch!  The end battle is amazing.  Easily the best fight of the solo movies, though not quite as awesome as the battle for New York.  The first Thor had some spotty CGI in some areas, particularly with Thor's flying and twirling his hammer, and that is no longer the case in Dark World.  The CGI is looks great and Thor is every bit the awesome thunder god we expect.  Sif shows off some sweet sword skills and they REALLY need to get Jaime a bigger role.  She was great in this movie and was way better than Natalie Portman, who was easily the weakest link of the cast.  I like Natalie Portman, but she felt really out of her depth here and her character doesn't have much going on.  Thankfully, Kat Dennings is flatout brilliant with Darcy's one-liners and her assistant Ian fits in easily.  Selvig is also a huge source of humor, having been left rattled by the events of the Avengers, and has a great little scene with Stan Lee.  Fandral, Volstagg, and Heimdall don't have huge roles, but they do are pretty important in helping Thor.  They all get some fun little action moments, with Heimdall once again getting one of the best moments in the movie, and ya get to see more of them in a relaxed situation which is fun.  Hogun, sadly, gets written out of the movie pretty early on.  Loki isn't in the movie all that much, but he steals most scenes he's in and they do a lot of really cool stuff with his illusion powers.  Also, the ending!  Man, what a set up for Thor 3!


                    As for the mid-credits teaser, I think it made me a bit giddy, haha.  Though a lot of that has to do with one of my favorite comics.  Iron will likely enjoy it a lot too and I'm Jad and Rogue will like it but for perhaps a different reason.  The after-credits scene is really fun too and gives a nice conclusion to Thor as well as a funny call back.


                    You guys should also prepare for a pretty packed crowded.  I went at 11 am on a Friday and it was a good 80% full and a huge amount of it was actually kids.  Not sure how they got off for school, but apparently they did, haha.  Thankfully, it was a pretty well behaved crowd but you guys might wanna get here early if you want a good spot.

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                      I am seeing it tomorrow at noon on 12:30 and cannot wait!!! Loved your review Hawk it got me even more psyched without spoiling anything, awesome.


                      Hawk I have watched Thor 1 a few times so didn't really need to rewatch, lol.

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                        Ah yes, I review I can trust!  The critics' reviews have not been great overall but those don't really matter too much to me.  Thanks for the great spoiler-free review, Hawk.  I'm jealous you have already seen it.  How would you rank it among the other MCU films?


                        Oh yeah...here's this-

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                          Haha, I'm sure you guys are really gonna like it!  The scope of it is pretty big.  Unfortunately, it feels like a lot of Malekith's scenes got cut out.  He's not really in the movie that much and they don't make much of Chris Eccleston's acting chops, but hopefully we can get some kind of director's cut for blu ray.  It still didn't hurt my enjoyment of the movie though and Kurse gets some really cool moments.  Kurse also looks amazing too.  The make-up crew, costumers, set designers, and everyone did a bang up job as visually its gorgeous.


                          @Jad - I'd put it near the top.  Malekith might not have the complicated nature that Loki had in the first one and Avengers, but it's a really great movie.  It's sad at times, funny times, intense at times, and just fun to watch.   It's also fun to see how much more mature Thor is in this movie and there's a bit of a role reversal with him and Odin.