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        Just got back and absolutely loved it!! Great movie, great action, funny, sad, touching, poignant, powerful, spectacular. Everything I wanted and more! The scope of the movie is huge and that final fight with Thor and Malekith was amazing! Really I don't have any complaints, yes I hear you gasp, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really don't get the critics complaints about Malekith's not every bad guy has to be complicated or fully explained. He was the leader of the Dark Elves and they see the universe as it is now an aberration and they want it to go back to what they were created in. Every scene Makekith is in he was menacing, powerful, and ruthless and the movie does enough to explain his perspective that you get why he is doing what he is doing. There is a lot of ground to cover and they cannot spend half an hour developing an entire Malkith back story.


        Hiddelston does steal every scene and the movie has some great twists and turns with his character. I agree with Hawk that he is by far the Marvel movies best villain. Hemsworth portrays a much wiser Thor and he does a great job throughout. I really love how you can see that he still loves Loki. Sadly the warriors three and Sif get a bit of short shrift but there is only so much you can cram into a movie and I am sure when they are editing who do you want to see more of Loki or Fandaral, for me it is Loki. They all acquit themselves very well and make the most out of the scenes they are in.


        Heimdell for me is just awesome and I wish he could have his own movie or TV show or something, I love that actor and Heimdell just comes across as a total bad ass in such a cool way.


        Asgard looks more real this movie, still very fantastic and awesome, but somehow a little more alive and less sterile. We get to see very little of Earth and that is great.


        Hawk is right the cameos are great especially the one in about the middle of the movie on Asgard, that was hilarious. Also really enjoyed the humorous touches throughout the film. Lots of good laughs for everyone in the theater.


        I did not go to this in 3D so I saw two after credits and I liked the last one better than the one mid credits, not that I didn't like that one, but just liked the other one better, maybe I am more of a romantic. Interesting casting choice for who they have playing  a certain Marvel cosmic power on the mid credit short.


        Overall this one goes to the top of my list with IM1 as my favorite Marvel solo movie.


        So Jad, Rogue and NS get ye to a theater soon so we can discuss in more detail, you are going to love it!

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          Haha, I'm glad to hear you loved it, Iron!  It's a fantastic movie and I can't wait to own this sucker on blu ray so I can watch it any time!  Are you gonna see it a second time!  I think I might!  Even though Hunger Games is coming out right around the corner, Dark World is too good not to want to see again.  Now the rest of the guys on here need to see it so we can talk a bit more openly without spoiling all the good stuff!


          Have you ever see Luthor?  It's a BBC show that stars Idris Elba and it's really good.  Since you love him as Heimdall ya should definitely check it out and see how he handles the lead role.  The seasons are very short, only about four episodes a piece, but its' great stuff.

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            Yes I am watching it, I have seen about four episodes and really like it. I would love to talk more about the movie but will try to be patient, come on guys watch it already, lol.


            I do think I will see it a second time it was that good and so much happens that it was a lot to absorb. I think my favorite part was where Volstag gets captured by the Dark Elves and wins his freedom by wagering he can eat more than Kurse. The part where Kurse blows up from eating too much food trying to keep up with Volstag was hilarious or the part where Kurse tries to poke Volstag in the eye but Volstag blocks with the three stooges defense.


            What a fantastic movie and even though Cap is not one of my Favs, Winter Soldier looks pretty darn good.

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              Haha, you're a mean man, Iron.


              The Cap trailer looked great and I saw a bit of the extended one that was shown for 3D screenings.  Man, there's an awesome fight scene in it.  Marvel is really stepping up the quality of fight scenes.  Did you get the new Hobbit trailer?  I loved it even more on the big screen and how the theater seemed to rumble when Smaug talked.  I can't wait for December to see that one.

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                Hobbit 2 definitely looks better than one. The elf stuff looks really fantastic and cannot wait to see Smaug.


                Yeah the Thor fight scenes were all really good and I really like that last fight with Malekith, that was just awesome!!

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                  Sounds like you think this movie's pretty awesome!  I think I'm gonna get a chance to see it on Monday, hopefully.  On the subject of avoiding spoilers, though, I think I should mention that some loser on the social chat channel of Marvel Heroes went around announcing a major spoiler for the movie, which annoyed me, obviously.  Oh well, the movie should be awesome anyway, so it's not like it'll ruin the movie for me or anything.  You've just gotta be a real self-centered loser to get a kick out of intentionally announcing things like that, though. 

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                    That is too bad Rogue, don't get why people want to do that it makes no sense. He certainly wouldn't want that to be done to him so why do it to somebody else.


                    Hope you get to see it tomorrow you will love it.

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                      So, I'm officially seeing it on Wednesday... I'll probably be back here tomorrow to explain how it got pushed back again.  Apparently, my brother has this thing called "homework."  Weird.

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                        Tell your brother to get his priorities straight, lol.

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                          I know, right?  Clearly, Thor is way more important than school.  He's just gonna be a teacher, anyway, and it's not like that's an important job where you educate young people who are our future or anything.