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        Psh, education.  Stick your finger in a electricial socket is plenty of education!  You don't need any fancy book learning for that!


        It sucks thought that you gotta keep putting it off.  Hopefully he can find some time to see it, though I would just go by myself. 

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          Yeah his job is completely non essential these days all you have to do with young people is let them play computer games all day, lol.

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            Well I was hoping to go see Thor last night, but it didn't work out.

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              Saw this movie the other night, and I've got to say I was impressed! The mix of action, comedy, and ... all that stuff was just great, and I haven't seen a fight scene that was as funny as it was awesome as the final battle between Malekith and Thor.
              But a big qualm was that Malekith seemed rather... 2d. Especially considering the shoes he was stepping in as the main Thor villain. He seemed to be just all destroy the world, not much motivation. Thankfully the motivation for Thor to stop him was well done (and painful).


              Mmm, but that after credits scene. Cannot wait for GotG. Didn't expect what they revealed there at all!

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                Glad you liked it NS, I was extremely jazzed about it and want to see it again.

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                  So, that movie was awesome!  Just saw it tonight, and it was so cool!  I'll go  spoiler-free here so Jad can feel safe in this thread. 


                  Loki was the star of the show to me, and he was just classic Loki.  He's scheming, devious, hilarious (especially his illusions in Asgard...), and he makes you wonder throughout the movie if he's gonna get all redeemed or turn on everyone.  He could easily come down on one side or the other, just like in the comics where he's constantly getting redeemed or betraying people.  Just plain awesome. 


                  Oh yeah, there's this dude named Thor in the movie, too.  And he's awesome, too.  Seeing his ideas of what they needed to do, compared to Odin's, was great.  Can't really say too much more about what happens with him in the movie when trying to avoid spoilers.  He gets some pretty cool fight scenes, of course, since he is Thor.  Also, that moment when he hangs Mjolnir on the hangar was hilarious. 


                  Sif and the Warriors Three were awesome, though I want to see more of them in a future Thor movie.  I really liked the dynamic between Thor and Sif at the beginning, so it was too bad to see her leave so soon.  I feel like they avoid going the lame love triangle angle with her and Jane, which is nice, but they keep the right amount of tension between them there still. Also, Fandral has an awesome moment, in my opinion.  


                  Malekith might not be the best villain ever, but I think he gets the job done.  He's kinda overshadowed by Loki being in the movie, of course, and he doesn't necessarily have the deepest motivations ever, but his dynamic with Odin is pretty interesting, at least. 


                  Also, Darcy is pretty hilarious, mainly in the early parts when things are kinda getting going.


                  The credits scenes were pretty cool, too.  They definitely setup some interesting stuff for the future, though I won't say any more than that right now. 


                  Side note: It was pretty cool to see the Cap trailer in the theater.  So excited for that movie! 

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                    Now the pressure is on, Jad!   Even Rogue has seen it, haha.


                    It's great to see everyone enjoying the movie!  Where do you guys rank it among Marvel movies?

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                      Thanks for keeping all your thoughts spoiler free, guys!  I am not sure when I'll be able to see it yet (this weekend isn't looking great either! ) but I will eventually!  I don't mind if you guys get into more detail in your discussions if you're tired of waiting for me....just be sure to mark them with plenty of warning.

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                        Don't wait too long!  Ya don't wanna miss out on it being in theaters, the action is amazing on the big screen.

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                          I'm not sure where I rank the movie yet.  It's not Avengers or Cap 1 level, but it's better than Iron Man 2 and Hulk. It's somewhere in there with Iron Man 1 and 3, and the first Thor movie.  I kinda think the first Thor has the edge on it by a little bit, since it's the classic setup for a Thor movie with Thor overcoming his arrogance, Loki as an awesome villain, and all that.