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        That sounds pretty painful.  Jaime is tough!  Amazing to believe she came back to the set after only a month.  I hope they didn't cut her out of the script too much while she recovered.

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          Wow that sounds horrible for Jamie, but Hawk is right she is tough, lol. Hard for me to get too into this movie with IM3 coming out but so far everything about it looks really good and I love the director, he is excellent!!

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            Personally I CANNOT wait for the new Thor movie. Thor has always been my favorite Marvel hero ever since I was little. I'm a die hard fan so I am slightly biased, but yeah the Thor sequel looks like it is going to be fantastic so far. I like the choice of villain, the plot (that we know of so far) and the cast. It definitely has potential.

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              A little bit of stuff from Jamie Alexander-

              “I just finished shooting about a week and a half ago. There's going to be a bit of a darker feel and obviously a lot more action. We get to explore different realms a lot more and you see a lot more Asgard; and you get to know the people of Asgard. There is more [character development] with Sif. We sort of explore the Thor-Sif relationship a little bit; kind of [in a romantic way]. It's more like getting a feel of who these people are, how the way they are with each other. It was really fun for me and Chris. Him and I are almost like brother and sister too, so I was like maybe that translates into 'ohh they love each other on camera.' We had a good time making that movie.”

              “That was hard at first [returning with a new director] because I didn't know what to expect. I love Kenneth Branagh very much He was a huge staple in my life because he launched my career. I gotta say, however, it is always great working with new people. Alan Taylor has brought a whole new vision to Thor. We've remained our own characters obviously, so there's still that similarity between the first and second one. But there's a darker feel to this one; a little more Gladiator-ish, a bit more viking-ish. So I'm really excited to see how it turns out.”

              “The script did [feel more rooted in the comic book stuff]. I could read certain scenes and actually see how someone would do the drawings on the page. With that sense, Marvel was great; they said 'make it your own.' We just have a great team. I have been very lucky in my career. It was slightly different [with Zachary Levi coming in], because he's not Josh Dallas, but he's fantastic. And I've know Zach for years. He was actually one of the first choices for Fandral, so it's great to have him on board. He's definitely Fandral, and he's such a lovely guy, team player and really sweet. Everybody welcomed him with open arms and he's definitely a part of the family.”



              Similar topics but probably a different interview -


              (on working with different directors)

              Two very different people, but both have extraordinary visions for what the film should look like and what it is going to look like.  Alan, I feel like the second installment of Thor is much darker, much more rooted in what’s going on in the soul, whereas Ken’s version definitely had that soulfulness but was also lighter and there’s an elegance to his film….I was nervous going into the second one.  I meet Alan, he has great ideas, super open to what we want to do as well and knows that we were the character once upon a time.  So we can do it again and he puts his spin on it.  He’s got some incredible shots in that film.  I really enjoyed him a lot.


              (on Sif's role in the sequel)-

              You get to experience more of who she is on the inside.  You get to see her in a more feminine way and we do explore the Thor/Sif relationship a little bit.  That was fun…I definitely have action.  But there are scenes, we have a few scenes where we don’t have any action at all and it was actually a lot of fun to play that because you’re not hiding behind a sword or an explosion, it’s just here, in your face.  It was nice to see who she really is and that sort of thing.


              http://collider.com/jaimie-alexander-thor-2-dark-world-intersection-interview/22 2054/#more-222054

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                I'm excited to see more development of Sif!  I wonder if they plan to ease Jane out of the picture and go with Sif as the love interest?  Wasn't there rumors about Natalie Portman not returning because she mad about the previous director for Thor 2 leaving?

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                  I'm excited about Sif finally getting some time in the spotlight now, too.  She had some nice moments in the first movie, and there were some little nods to the possible relationship between her and Thor, but she didn't really get enough time in the spotlight.  Now that this movie's gonna spend more time in Asgard, Sif (and maybe the Warriors Three, too!) should get some more development.  Overall, I just want to see more Asgard in this movie, instead of all the time they spent on Earth in the first one, so I'm pretty excited about that.

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                    Its no secret around here that Thor is my favorite character (besides maybe thunderstrike. lol jk) So I am really pumped for the sequel! Looking forward to seeing a lot more of asgard.

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                      Here's a description of the new trailer.  Sounds pretty cool and I can't wait to see it,  hopefully for the first time while I'm sitting in the theater waiting for IM3 to start!  When Thor says "If you betray me....I will kill you" I totally heard it in Hemsworth's voice.  I'm really excited to see what they have in store for this one!

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                        Great find, Jad!  Count me in on wishing its in front of IM3, I really wanna see it for myself.  All the solo movies look great, but I think right now I'm most excited for Thor 2.  That might change when we start to learn more of Cap 2 though, haha.

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                          I'm probably most excited for Cap 2 myself, though Thor 2 is a close second.  They all look awesome, but Cap was my favorite phase one movie (besides Avengers), with Thor right behind it.  We don't really know that much about Cap 2 yet, I guess, but I'm excited to see what they do with the Winter Soldier story.  Thor 2 should be awesome, though, too, with it being set in a lot of the more mythical realms instead of spending so much time on Earth.  The other Asgardians should get a lot more screen time, too.

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