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    MW3 knocks out internet connection :(

      It doesn't just disconnect me from Xbox Live, but my pc as well. It's like my router gets reset or something.



      Mostly happens if I leave a lobby and do a new search. After the 1st time it usually is ok for an hour or 2 if I'm lucky. I would get more chance of a disconnect if I play in the standard playlist (especially Mercenary), so I usually stick to the DLC playlist.



      This only happens with MW3 + has been happening since day 1. Some days are better than others (not 2day, hence the post).



      All other games are fine. My internet is fine too - 45ping 2ms jitter + 0% packet loss.



      I'm just curious if this has been happening to any1 else?



      (I'm UK with O2 broadband)