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    An interesting concept

      This new game that's out....forgot what its called....Max Payne 3 or something, well, in multiplayer, there's these kids that hack(Wii is not the only one with hacking problems Every console is very easily hacked, the difference is that on wii, you don't get punished...well until now...). Well, when these lil kids get caught in the act, they get put in the "cheater pool". Pretty much, once you're in the cheater pool, you can ONLY PLAY AGAINST OTHER CHEATERS. Funny, eh? If you get caught cheating in the cheater pool, then you're banned.


      Its a very interesting concept(its obviously never coming to wii, so don't go and make a petition...), and I laugh when I think about how the concept would work on MW3 wii. Imagine, when you log in, there's 500 players on the normal servers and 10k players on the cheater's pool . Imagine how those matches would be, everyone using redbox , inf uav, akimbo fmg9 extended mags